Australia is undoubtedly one of the most exotic dream destinations in the world. If you have a spouse or de-facto partner residing in Australia as a permanent citizen or eligible citizen of New Zealand, the 309 Visa Australia allows you to stay in Australia temporarily while your Permanent Partner Visa Subclass 100 is processed.

In this article we will cover all that you need to know to acquire the Subclass 309 Visa Australia as a step towards acquiring a permanent resident visa in Australia.

What is the 309 Partner Visa Australia

This is a temporary Visa which allows you to stay in Australia until your permanent visa is processed and approved. Since it is a Partner Visa Subclass, it is only applicable if you have a spouse or de-facto partner currently residing in Australia.

This is a provisional visa in Australia and it fully allows you to live, study and work full-time under this visa subclass until the Home Affairs Department processes the permanent Partner (Migrant) Visa Subclass 100. You can also attend the free English language course provided by the Adult Migration English Program in Australia.

Keep in mind, once you withdraw the application for Visa Subclass 100, your Visa 309 will automatically be cancelled and withdrawn.

How to Apply for 309 Visa Australia

The application process for the 309 Visa Australia is an online one and you don’t have to be present in Australia at the moment to apply for it. These are the requirements for applying for the Partner Visa Subclass 309:

  • The applicant should be the spouse or de-facto partner of a permanent resident of Australia, an Australian citizen or an eligible citizen of New Zealand.
  •  Be outside of Australia while applying for the Subclass Visa 309.
  • Submit relevant documents that are evidence of the relationship with your partner.
  • Pay the Visa application fee which is to be paid online.
  • After submitting the application, the applicant has to clear the health tests and also submit character clearance and biometrics.

How to Get 309 Visa Australia

The application for a visa 309 subclass must be up to the mark and meet all the requirements in the eyes of the Home Affairs Department of Australia. Once your application is accepted and processed, you will be notified regarding further instructions on your visa status and eligibility to travel to Australia.

To get the 309 Visa, you must make sure that your visa application is aptly placed. With our expertise and experience, DMS Migration helps you compile a precise application that will have the best chances of being accepted for the Visa 309 Subclass Australia.

What is the Australia 309 Visa Processing Time

The processing time for the 309 Subclass Visa Australia is dependent on certain factors and each visa application takes a different processing time. According to the official website of the Home Affairs of Australia, 25% of these applications take around 4 months to be processed while 50% of the applications take about 8 months.

75% of the applications may take around 21 months and 90% of the applications take an estimated 29 months. It is important to notice that if your application has document complications, the processing time will most likely be delayed. So, make sure to take help of an experienced immigration agency to help you prepare flawless applications to avoid such circumstances.

Can 309 Visa Holder Travel to Australia

Yes, once you acquire the 309 Subclass Visa Australia, you can easily travel in and out of Australia according to your needs without any restrictions. This subclass visa is ideal for staying until your permanent visa is processed that allows complete freedom of travel to other countries from Australia.

Subclass 309 Visa Cost

The cost of the 309 Subclass Visa Australia starts from AUD 7,850 and goes up depending on the extension of your stay. It is generally a pathway to the Permanent Partner Visa Subclass 100 which comes with a different expense.

309 Visa Australia Forum

The 309 Subclass Visa is a convenient one for your stay in Australia until the processing of your permanent subclass visa 100 is complete. You may check out the Australian Visa Forum for real life experiences and frequently discussed issues regarding the subclass 309 visa Australia.

All in all, the Subclass 309 Visa Australia is a wonderful opportunity for residing in Australia until your permanent visa is processed and granted. It allows you the freedom to study and work full-time during your stay and also travel as many times as you require in and outside of Australia. If you want to know more about the information you can consider our services .