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Amitava Deb

Founder – DMS Migration

MARN 0429492

You Are In The Right Hands

Amitava Deb is an Australian citizen. His tryst with Australia started more than 25 years ago. A long-lasting relationship with Australia made him realise how so many people across the world are keen to migrate and settle in Australia! Driven by his innate understanding of Australia and passion to help people settle in Australia, he started DMS (Debika Migration Services) in 2004. Since then, he has successfully helped more than 2000 migrants settle in Australia.

A MARA (Migrations Agents Registration Authority) Registered Migration Agent, Amitava Deb confidently wears his decade plus (and continuing!) experience in assisting aspiring migrants to comfortably settle in Australia. The potential migrants will have an enthralling experience to know how much Mr. Amitava Deb knows about Australia and Australian way of living. From places to people, culture to communities, he has thorough understanding of the country.

Amitava is a Gold Medallist from one of the India’s premier tech. institutes: IIT Kharagpur. His father too is a tech. graduate from 2nd batch of IIT Kharagpur. Amitava has worked with some of the best-known corporations in the world as a top executive; Sony Australia Pty. Ltd., Siemens AG Germany, Clarity International Ltd., Reliance Communications, Optus Sydney.

Mr. Deb is a compassionate guide, any aspiring migrant would be happy to be associated with. His MARA Registered No. is 0429492

  • Amitava is a Chartered Professional Engineer accredited by Engineers Australia. He is a full member in this esteemed association.

  • Amitava is member of Australian Computer Society, Tele Management Forum and Worldwide Institute of Software Architects.

  • Amitava is a well-recognised name in the ICT Professional Community in Australia.

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