Are you applying for a contributory parents’ visa 143 for your parents? Here you get the proper guidelines and information about Visa 143.

What is the Contributory Parent Visa 143? 

The Contributory subclass 143 Visa is a visa to live with your parents permanently in Australia. It is a permanent visa for parents whose children are staying in Australia. This visa can be applied for from outside Australia. 


Check eligibility of subclass 143 visa

Check eligibility for subclass 143 visa.

What is the eligibility for Contributory Parent Visa 143? 


To get application eligibility, the applicant will need a sponsor. The sponsor must be the applicant’s settled child in Australia or New Zealand.

apply  after eligible test

Apply after the eligible test

In the case of children aged under 18, the community organization and relatives can be sponsored. This sponsorship must be approved by the Australian authorities or departments.

After sponsorship, the applicant needs to meet some necessities. These are:

  • Character requirements should be completed. 
  • Health requirements should be completed. 
  • Meet the Family Test (meet the balance-of-family test unless you apply for the Retirement Pathway or hold a Subclass 173 visa). 
  • There have been no previous visa cancellations.

You can check your eligibility on the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs website.

Assessing 143 visa

Assess 143 visa

Who can help with getting a Contributory subclass 143 Visa? 

Only MARA (Migrations Agents Registration Authority) registered agents can assist in obtaining subclass visa 143 DMS Migration guides in every stage of these processes.

The benefit of VIsa 143:

  • Permanent Resident Opportunity 
  • Australian Citizenship 
  • Eligibility to bring family members finally pay

What is the condition for Contributory Parent Visa 143? 

The applicant will come to Australia after the specified sponsor enters Australia. 

He/she must not marry or enter into a de facto relationship before entering Australia.


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