Australia offers a very dynamic and effective Business Innovation and Investment Programme to attract international businessmen and venture capitalists to invest in Australia. The Australian economy is one of the most stable and growing economies in the world.

The current visas that are available for interested investors are Business Innovation Visa, Investor Visa, Significant Investor Visa and Premium Investor Visa. The Ministry of Trade and Investment has set an investment framework for these investor visas. To be eligible for investor visas, the investors have to comply with the investment framework.

Austrade is authorised as a sole nominator for investors applying for a Premium Investor Visa. Austrade along with state or territory governments can also nominate investors applying for a Significant Investor Visa.

Significant Investor Visa: an Overview

Significant Investor Visas have brought a considerable investment of around AUD 2 billion into the Australian economy since its introduction. The investment framework requires a significant investor visa applicant to have at least AUD 5 million of net assets to be available for investment in Australia over next 4 years after the visa is granted. Such fund needs to be legally required and can be lawfully transferable to Australia as and when required.

As a Significant Investor Visa holder, you can invest in private limited companies in Australia, state government bonds, infrastructure projects excluding residential projects, agriculture-based businesses, and approved managed funds.

To be eligible to apply for permanent Significant Investor Visa, you are required to live in the state that nominated you and have continued to invest in the proposed business during your temporary significant visa period. You must have stayed at least 40 days in a year in Australia during your temporary Significant Investor Visa. And your spouse or the de facto partner should have stayed for a minimum of 180 days in Australia in a year for four years. The residential requirement is calculated cumulatively over 4 years; i.e, 160 days over a period of 4 years for you, the primary investor visa applicant and 720 days over 4 years for your partner, the secondary investor visa applicant.


Premium Investor Visa: an Overview

If you are looking to apply for Premium Investor Visa, know that the investment framework for this visa category is AUD 15 million. After 12 months, you can apply for a permanent premium investor visa. The funds can be combined net assets of you and your spouse or the de facto partner. As in any investment framework for other investor visas, the net assets should be legally acquired and lawfully transferable to Australia as and when required.

As a premium investor visa holder, you can invest in Australian government or approved corporate bonds, listed securities, private limited companies, real estate excluding residential properties, and any state approved humanitarian establishment.


Investor Visa: an Overview

An Investor Visa has investment framework of minimum AUD 1.5 million as an investment. There are other requirements to fulfil too. Such as, you must not be over 55 years of age while applying for Investor Visa and you should score at least 65 points in points test. You must have had at least 3 years of experience in directly managing a suitable business or qualified investments.

You must have sincere intention to stay and invest in the designated state for at least 2 years and after which you ought to show your commitment to continue investing and managing your business interests in Australia.


All the categories of Investor Visas are subjected to Australian taxation laws.

Other requirements:

  • You and all your family members should comply with health requirement. Primary and secondary applicants of investor visa and dependents over 18 years of age should comply with character requirement.
  • Neither you nor your partner must be involved in any kind of illicit business activities.
  • None, including you, your partner or any of your family member over 18 years of age must agree not to initiate any action against Commonwealth for loss of your investment.

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