Australia’s business visas are very popular in the circles of high net worth individuals and business tycoons across the nations. Business visas offer a wide array of investment avenues to the interested investors to employ their funds in a flourishing economy like Australia.

There is another visa that is fast gaining attention is; Investor Retirement Visa (subclass 405).

Investor Retirement Visa is a temporary visa, on which the visa holder can stay and travel for 4 years in Australia. The visa can be renewed after 4 years.

The Investor Retirement Visa permits you to:

  • Work in Australia for 40 hours per fortnight, if you wish to.
  • Bring along your partner, who also has this visa issued. Age no bar for your partner.

Australia being a beautiful country with fascinating landscapes and immaculate infrastructure is the best country for a retiree to spend time. Add investment opportunities and the option is exceedingly attractive!

The immigration department, of course, has some ground rules as to who can apply for Investor Retirement Visa under subclass 405. Check the details below and see if you qualify to apply for one.

Eligibility Criteria for Australia Investor Retirement Visa

1. The investor retirement visa applicant must be 55 years of age or older.

– You and your partner, mentioned in your visa application should meet health requirements without fail. Our advice is to get your thorough health check-up done beforehand, even before you apply for a visa. This medical report is valid for 12 months.

– Both you and your partner must have adequate health insurance coverage for the number of years you plan to stay in Australia.

2. You should not have any dependents except your partner.

3. For issuance of investor retirement visa, you must meet the income requirement.

– You are expected to show the immigration department that you have a sustainable income of AUD 65000, at the least, to live in Australia.

– If you intend to live in regional Australia, your income threshold is at least AUD 50000.

– The above income figures can be yours alone or combined net income of you and your partner.

4. As with health requirement, you and your partner must meet character requirements set by the immigration department.

5. You must get state or territory sponsorship to be eligible to apply for Investor Retirement Visa.

6. Another important condition that makes you eligible for Investor Retirement Visa (405) is meeting minimum net assets threshold.

– Your net assets must be lawfully attained and available for a transference to Australia, must be at least worth AUD 750000.

– If you intend to live in regional Australia, your net assets must be at least worth AUD 500000.

– The above net assets can be acquired by you or combined assets of you and your partner.

– You must have acquired this asset at least since 2 years before applying for investor retirement visa.


7. The visa applicant must also meet designated investment criteria. This is in addition to the required income threshold!

– AUD 750000 in Australia

– AUD 500000 in regional Australia in sponsored state or territory of Australia.


The eligibility criteria may need some working out of the numbers and assess the situation; this is where we can help you. We will make sure you comply with all the above conditions before applying for Investor Retirement Visa. Plan your blissful retirement years in Australia! We are here to help you.