What do you think instead when you think of Australia? You likely think of the Great Barrier Reef!

That’s fine! But before that, we should know how to get a permanent Citizen of beautiful Australia. Getting a SubClass 190 Visa permits you to reach the Dream destination of life, Australia!

What is a SubClass 190 Visa?

Subclass 190 visa is a points-tested visa for skilled workers nominated by the Territory government of Australia. It is one kind of permanent visa.

What is the eligibility for getting a SubClass 190 Visa?

To get a subclass 190 Visa( Bangladesh, India, Nepal, or anywhere), the applicant must have specific skills and meet some requisites. This includes:

The Applicant must

  • have skills on the specific skilled lists.

  • have a suitable skills assessment in this skill.

  • must get satisfactory marks on the points test, medical test.

  • Get an invitation to apply for a Visa.

What is the facility of SubClass 190 Visa?

The 190 Visa allows stay permanently in Australia. It has the facility to study and work anywhere in Australia. It makes it eligible to sponsor others (family members and relatives) to visit and come to Australia. 

However, If you meet the criteria, it gives a big chance to MAKE YOU THE CITIZEN OF AUSTRALIA.


Can I include Family Members in my application?

Anyone can include family members(external link) in their Visa application. Family members can be included at the time of lodge the visa application, or they can be added after lodging the application but before deciding on the visa.

From where can I apply for a SubClass 190 Visa?

Anyone In Australia or outside Australia can apply for SubClass 190 Visa. But suppose anyone applies for this visa staying in Australia. In that case, He should have a substantive visa or a Subclass 010 Bridging A visa, a Subclass 020 B visa, or a Subclass 030 Bridging C visa.

If you fail to show any of these visas, your application will be invalid and rejected.

Can I travel outside Australia with a SubClass 190 Visa?

Yes! You can travel outside Australia as much as you want to travel for the first five years from the time you get the visa. But then you need an RRV9(external)(Resident Return Visa) to re-enter Australia as a permanent resident.

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