The Temporary Graduate Work Visa is designed for international students who have completed two years of their studies in a higher education program. Under this visa, there are two streams available

  • Graduate Entry Stream
  • Post-study work visa

No matter which stream you select, the visa is valid for the duration of 18-24 months and offers you unrestricted travel and work rights.

While this visa offers you temporary residency in Australia, the route to avail permanent residency in Australia is through 485 Visa. Often, this visa is seen as ‘pathway visa.’ Since it offers a route to a permanent visa, so its application process is quite complex. But, we can help to make the route smooth and hassle-free.

On the basis of our extensive experience, we have sorted out some ways that can help you avoid rejection of 485 Visa. The best part is that these ways can fast-track your application’s processing time.

1. Ways to Avoid Your 485 Visa Rejection


  • Make Sure All Your Documents Are Ready


Even before you commence the application it is vital to list down all the compulsory and optional documents needed for the 485 Visa application form. Keep them ready and compiled in a folder. If you are not aware of the documents needed for this particular or any other Australian visa, you can contact our experts at any time.

While you can easily procure documents such as visa grant letter, passport, and others, there are certain documents that have limited or restricted access. Hence, it is advised to keep them stocked well in advance.

Such documents are as follows:


  • Educational Documents


It includes a final passing certificate, letter of completion and final transcripts. In most of the cases, the universities do not offer them on time before your student visa expires. Therefore, it is essential that you confirm with your university about this certificate before your result is out.


  • Medical Certificate


It is important to submit a medical passing certificate along with your 485 application. Just remember that there is a separate application to procure the HAP ID.


  • Police Verification Certificate


The AFP clearance is another separate application that must be submitted before you lodge the visa application. If you did not get the actual certificate in time, you can make use of the receipt number during visa lodging. Once you get the police clearance certificate, you can upload its details on the portal. Australian Police clearance for partner is required even if they have not lived in Australia.


  • English Examination


English examinations like PTE and IELTS can be cumbersome. It is because there is a long waiting time to avail the test date, which it may take up to 1-2 weeks to obtain the result. If in case you don’t achieve the desired score, you then have to appear for re-examination and go through the entire process once again. Therefore, it is vital that you book the exam once you finish the studies.


  • Health Insurance Certificate


In order to enter into Australia, it is mandatory for you to have proper health insurance all the time. During the student visa, you need an OSHC or Overseas Student Health Cover. While once you apply for the 485 work visa you need to transition on and avail Overseas Visitor Health Cover or OVHC.

With the support of, you can take care of the above-mentioned steps hassle free and without incurring much additional cost.


2. Stay Period in Australia


Make sure that the total time of your stay in Australia is a minimum of 16 months. It must appear under the completion date and commencement date of the course. Check the offer letter for the exact dates.


3. English Examination


It is important for you to present the proof of English language for the approval of 485 visa application. This can be a prime reason for the rejection of your visa application. The main reason for this is that there are long waits to simply get an exam date.

If the student does not need the required score then they have to re-appear for the exam.


4. Select the Correct Stream


The 485 Visa comprises two streams – graduate entry stream and post-study work visa. If you select the incorrect stream, you may risk the chances of getting a PR through the right pathway.

A major difference between the two streams is that the Graduate work stream is meant for students with their occupations available on the skilled list. Alternatively, Post-study work visa is ideal for students who have done the courses, which do not result in any skilled occupation.

The other differences between the two streams are:

  • Validity – The PSWV is valid for 2-4 years based on the completed qualification while GWV is valid just for 18 months.
  • Pathway to Permanent Residency – In most cases, students in GWV stream has a defined pathway to PR while PSWV has no apparent route.
  • Educational Qualifications – You are eligible for a post-study work visa if you have finished a higher education course like masters or bachelors or Ph.D. But still, you will be eligible for the graduate entry stream if you have successfully pursued a course in vocational training like Diploma, Certificate IV, or any other provided you earn positive skills assessment.
  • Skills Assessment – A skills assessment is needed for GWS.


5. Skills Evaluation


It is important to obtain skills evaluation if you apply for the Graduate Work Stream. It is therefore important you nominate the correct occupation on the basis, of course, you have completed. It is vital as once nominated, you cannot alter the occupation. Also, if you get a rejection from the skills evaluation, you can re-apply but still you cannot alter the occupation.

At the time of the final visa decision, you must hold a positive skills assessment. If you don’t have it, your visa application can get rejected. In such a scenario, you have to request an appeal to the AAT for the approval of some more time until you obtain a positive outcome for the skills assessment.

You can apply for a 485 Visa upon completion of the course. There are possibilities that if in case you receive a rejection your student visa would get expired and most probably would end up on a bridging visa.

According to the law, if in case you receive a rejection for the substantial visa while you stay on the bridging visa, you may not re-apply for the substantial visa while you are onshore.