Australia is a wonderful nation that offers promising career opportunities to migrants from all across the world. For this reason, seeking an Australian visa is not an easy task. But migration experts can make it possible for you.

However, one thing that confuses visa seekers is whether they should apply a visa for Australia’s regional areas or not.

To offer assistance in this regard, here we list some beautiful regional areas in Australia, which immigrants can consider for living as well as working.

With effect from 16th November 2019, entire Australia is regional excluding a few areas, Melbourne, Brisbane Greater Metropolitan and Sydney.

The regional areas in Australia are distributed under two categories:

  1. Regional centres and other regional areas
  2. Cities and major regional centres

The areas that fall under the category of ‘Cities and Major Regional Centres’ include the following areas and are subject to the mentioned postcodes:

  • New South Wales – 2259, 2264 to 2308, 2500 to 2526, 2528 to 2535 and 2574
  • Victoria – 3211 to 3232, 3235, 3240, 3328, 3330 to 3333, 3340 and 3342
  • Queensland – 4207 to 4275, 4517 to 4519, 4550 to 4551, 4553 to 4562, 4564 to 4569 and 4571 to 4575
  • Western Australia – 6000 to 6038, 6050 to 6083, 6090 to 6182, 6208 to 6211, 6214 and 6556 to 6558
  • South Australia – 5000 to 5171, 5173 to 5174, 5231 to 5235, 5240 to 5252, 5351 and 5950 to 5960
  • Tasmania – 7000, 7004 to 7026, 7030 to 7109, 7140 to 7151 and 7170 to 7177
  • Australian Capital Territory – All postcodes in the ACT
  • Northern Territory – None

The Australian areas that fall under the category of ‘Regional Centres and Other Regional Areas’ include the following areas and are subject to the mentioned postcodes:

  • New South Wales – 2250 to 2258, 2260 to 2263, 2311 to 2490, 2527, 2536 to 2551, 2575 to 2739, 2753 to 2754, 2756 to 2758 and 2773 to 2898
  • Victoria – 3097 to 3099, 3139, 3233 to 3234, 3236 to 3239, 3241 to 3325, 3329, 3334, 3341, 3345 to 3424, 3430 to 3799, 3809 to 3909, 3912 to 3971 and 3978 to 3996
  • Queensland – 4124 to 4125, 4133, 4183 to 4184, 4280 to 4287, 4306 to 4498, 4507, 4552, 4563, 4570 and 4580 to 4895
  • Western Australia – All postcodes in Western Australia not mentioned above
  • South Australia – All postcodes in South Australia not mentioned above
  • Tasmania – All postcodes in Tasmania not mentioned above
  • Australian Capital Territory – None
  • Northern Territory – All postcodes in NT

Now here check more details about each regional area in Australia as well as growing industries in the respective regions.

The Australian Capital Territory

Popularly called as the ACT, it is the smallest Australian state. But the thing that makes it perfect for living and working is that it is home to the capital city of Australia. Along with it, more than half of ACT regions are preserved as national parks and nature reserves.

The Commonwealth Government is a major employer in the Australian Capital Territory. Most of its workforce is concentrated in regions like service delivery, defense, and public administration.

The other growing industries in the region are:

  • Health
  • Education
  • Trades
  • Information Technology

South Australia

South Australia as a whole is known as a regional area. Therefore, migrants can select any place in South Australia to live. You can either live in the capital city of Adelaide or anywhere else.

This area houses the lovely Clare Valley, McLaren Vale, and Barossa Valley. Also, it is popular to support small businesses and startups.

The industries growing in South Australia are:

  • Energy
  • Defense
  • Agribusiness and Food
  • Education
  • Exports


This area is popular for its world heritage sites with numerous of them mentioned on the Unesco World Heritage List. One-fifth part of the overall area of this state is covered by the Western Tasmanian Wilderness National Parks.

This state completely is regional. Therefore, you can select any place and among the various industries growing in the region.

  • Defense
  • Renewable Energy
  • Tourism
  • Aquaculture
  • Fishing
  • Forestry
  • Science
  • Mining
  • Agriculture

Northern Territory

This is a highly culturally diverse place in Australia. People from more than 100 nationalities reside in the Northern Territory. Also, this state has more than 50 social, religious, and cultural organizations.

The entire area of the Northern Territory is considered a regional area.

The industries growing in the Northern Territory are:

  • Renewable Energy
  • Space
  • Tourism
  • Agribusiness
  • Mining

Western Australia


This place holds a spectacular Mediterranean climate, beach lifestyle, and gorgeous coastlines, which attract visitors from all across the world. Some of the activities popular in this region are fishing, snorkeling, bird watching, photography, and fishing.

Growing industries in the area are:

  • Education
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare

In order to work in any regional area in Australia, you can apply for the following visas:

  • Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) Visa Subclass 491

This visa is ideal for skilled workers who intend to work and live in a regional area in Australia. The validity of this visa is for 5 years. The migrants have to submit an EOI or Expression of Interest to apply for the subclass 491 visa.

If a person applying for this visa has successfully met certain special requirements, he can apply for the Permanent Residence (Skilled Regional) Visa Subclass 191.

  • New Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional (Provisional) Visa Subclass 494

This visa permits the employers to work in an occupation in a regional area in Australia. If in case the 494 visa holder wishes to engage in a different occupation, they have to lodge a new nomination for the same. The new visa application can be lodged on the basis of the nomination.

The subclass 494 visa holder can work in the new occupation only when the new visa is offered.

From 16th November 2019, the 494 visa is available for businesses involved in pork, dairy or meat industry labor agreement.

The nominations for 494 Visa in the Employer sponsored stream require advice from Regional Certifying Bodies. It is essential to gain advice from relevant RCB for the nomination. It is because not all RCBs can advise for the RSMS program.

Important – The Ballarat City Council is no more performing the RCB role for any of the program.

The Minister for Immigration, Migrant Services, Multicultural Affairs and Citizenship, Honorable David Coleman MP announced on 26 October 2019 the changes subject to the regional migration planning levels and definition of regional Australia.

Also, there have been changes made to the Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) Visa Subclass 491 with effect from 16th November 2019. There are changes with respect to partner points, point test, EOI submitted before and after 16 November 2019, and other disciples. In order to know more about these changes and to apply for a regional visa in Australia, you must consult a reliable and trusted visa service provider like Debika Migration Services.

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