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We cover the latest news on the Australian immigration system. Read on to discover more about skilled migration, family visa, student visa, business or investor visa, working holiday visa, and citizenship.

If you're currently in Australia on a Subclass 482 Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa and looking to make the move to permanent residency (PR), you're in luck. There are several pathways to transition from a temporary to a permanent resident.
The introduction of the pre-application ballot process, in the 2024-25 program year, for the Work and Holiday (subclass 462) visa is a significant step towards managing high demand from China, Vietnam, and India.
In accordance with its Migration Strategy of December 11, 2023, the Australian Government is heightening English language criteria for Student and Temporary Graduate visas, effective March 23, 2024. This adjustment seeks to enrich international students' experience, bolstering their economic impact and safeguarding against exploitation through improved language skills.
In a landmark address, Treasurer Jim Chalmers unveiled the federal budget, prioritizing investments in infrastructure and healthcare. Proposing sweeping immigration reforms, he emphasized skilled migration pathways and streamlined processes to attract talent, aiming to bolster economic growth and address labor shortages effectively.
Legislative Instrument LIN 24/009 which commences on 1 April 2024, will now require student visa holders to seek the Minister’s approval to undertake critical technology related study. This new framework will endeavour to protect Australia's national interests from malicious activities.
Targeting temporary skilled migration to address skills needs and promote worker mobility.
The government is bringing in a set of new measures to strengthen the integrity of Australia's international education system that will help international students and graduates realize their potential.
The Minister for Home Affairs established this Rapid Review to address migrant worker exploitation, and to identify proposals for both systemic reform and discrete measures to prevent, deter and sanction individuals who seek to abuse Australia's visa system.

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