Business Talent Visa is a category of Business Visas offered by the Australian government to attract investments into the economy. Business talent visa under subclass 132 provides a pathway to the permanent residency in Australia. You can choose to build all-new business venture or invest in the advancement of an existing business in Australia with business talent visa.

What category you fit into?

If you are an extremely successful business person with exceptional business skills to set up and manage high-value businesses, consider Significant Business History Stream of Business Talent Visa (subclass 132)

If you have got venture capital funding for a high-value business proposition from a member of AVCAL ( Australian Venture Capital Association Limited), consider Venture Capital Entrepreneur Stream of Business Talent Visa.

Select whatever type of business talent visa is applicable to you and proceed to prepare your documents that support your stand.

Significant Business History Stream Visa requires you to have net assets worth AUD 1.5 million, at least that are lawfully acquired and legally transferable to Australia within 2 years of visa issuance. You must also have a business turnover of at least AUD 3 million per year.

Whereas, Venture Capital Entrepreneur Stream Visa has a prerequisite that you must have got at least AUD 1 million venture capital funding to apply for this visa.

How do you go about applying for Business Talent Visa?

The process is quite simple yet requires an array of documents to submit if you are invited to apply. Follow these steps to visa application:

1. Submit your Expression Of Interest (EOI) through SkillSelect on DIBP site.

2. Nominate a state or territory for sponsorship.

3. Receive an invitation from DIBP on behalf of the state or territory government agency or from a minister of state.

4. Lodge your business talent visa with required documents within 60 days of receiving an invitation.

Here are some important points you should take note of:

· Your age limit to apply for Significant Business History Stream is 55 years or younger. This can be overlooked by the state, provided your business proposal aim to bring significant benefits to the state’s economy.

· Meeting English language requirement is not mandatory for both the streams of business talent visa.

· There is no age bar for Venture Capital Entrepreneur Stream Visa.

·  You, your business partner, your spouse / de facto partner must meet health and character requirements. Your children must meet health requirements and if they are over 16 years of age, they must also meet character requirements.

Since the Business Talent Visa (132) provides you with a pathway to permanent residency in Australia, you get to enjoy these benefits:

· Work, study, live and travel in Australia indefinitely.

· Sponsor eligible family member for Australia PR.

· Apply for Australian citizenship after 4 years.

· You and your family will be eligible to get covered under state offered health cover, Medicare. You need to enrol for one.

· If you happen to suffer a setback as a result of some conditions that are genuinely beyond your control, you may get specific benefit from Centrelink.

· Include your spouse / de facto partner and children in your visa application.

You may need our assistance while meeting submission deadlines, arranging documents in specified formats and preparing a business proposal to submit, along with your visa application. The business proposal plays very crucial role in deciding your visa grant. If there is any specific issue you want to be addressed, get in touch with us.