Carer Visas fall under family migration in Australian visa system. This visa lets the holder live in Australia permanently. An Australian citizen, a permanent resident or an eligible NewZealand citizen or their family member can bring their relative from their immediate family circle from overseas to care for them if any of them are ailing from longtime or permanently disabled.

The Australian relative who is seeking a carer from family overseas, have to go through a medical assessment from a specified health provider to prove that they are unable to take care of themselves. And cannot even manage their day-to-day life and hence, need someone for assistance throughout the day owing to the medical condition.

One also needs to satisfy the law that he/she cannot get the required care from the Australian health services nor do they have any relative in Australia who can take care of them on a daily basis for a prolonged period.

The family member seeking a carer must be related to the carer directly in any of the following ways.

  • Partner
  • Child / step-child
  • Parent / step-parent
  • Siblings ( brother, sister) – stepbrother/stepsister
  • Grandparent – step-grandparent
  • Grandchild-  step-grandchild
  • Aunt – step-aunt
  • Uncle – step-uncle
  • Nephew – step-nephew
  • Niece – step-niece

Eligibility criteria set for Carer Visa applicant

1. The carer visa applicant wants to come to Australia to take care of the ‘relative’ who is suffering from a long-term or perpetual medical condition


2. The applicant is coming to Australia to offer hands-on support to the carer of the ailing family         member (who is ill since long-time or suffering from a permanent medical disorder).

3. The carer visa applicant must know what kind of care the relative needs


4. Is willing to assist the ailing family member or the carer of the sick family member.

Sponsor for Carer Visa

The carer visa applicant needs a sponsor to be able to get the visa. Either the relative seeking assistance of the carer or his/her partner can sponsor the applicant. In any case, the sponsor must be over 18 years and be either an Australian citizen or a permanent resident or an eligible NewZealand citizen to be able to sponsor the carer visa applicant.

Carer Visa Subclasses

If the carer visa applicant is applying for the visa from outside Australia, he can apply under subclass 116 of Carer Visa. If the person is in Australia and wants to stay in Australia to care for the family member suffering from long-term illness or permanent disability can apply for Carer Visa under subclass 836. For both the subclasses, the applicant must meet health and character requirements and have a sponsor.

If you are a relative who wants to get your family member to care for you or want to apply for a Carer Visa to go to support your ailing family member, please contact DMS Migration Experts for details, submission dates, capping on the visa category, documents and other visa processing formalities.