The Dependent Child Visa – subclass 445 is for children under 18 years, whose parent holds a temporary partner visa, subclass 309 or subclass 820. The subclass 445 dependent child visa is issued on a temporary basis to the child who is either inside or outside Australia when applying for this visa.

The child can travel with his/her parent on this visa until the time the parent’s partner visa gets permanent. While you are filing for a permanent partner visa, you can include your child in the application. Having a temporary dependent child visa is required to be able to include the child in the permanent partner visa.

The temporary partner visa ( subclass 309/820)  holding parent can apply for a dependent child visa    (subclass 445) only if the parent has not already included the child in the visa application.  Once the 445 visa is granted, the child should immediately apply for a permanent partner visa by filling the form 1002,  before his parent’s permanent partner gets decided.

Failing to apply for permanent partner visa before the parent’s permanent partner visa gets decided, results in an unlawful stay of the child in Australia. Furthermore, there are no permanent visa options available to them.

The three main prerequisites for this visa are:

  • The child should be under 18 years.
  • The child should not be married or in a de facto relationship.
  • And the child should be either a biological / adopted / step-child of the parent who holds temporary partner visa (subclass 309  or subclass 820).

The only exception to the above prerequisites is, the child is financially dependent on the parent who holds a temporary partner visa or the child suffers a physical or mental disability that prevents him/her from working.

By this time the processing of 445 – child visa takes anywhere between 7- 9 months and the fees are AUD 2,415. Other charges such as police verification certification fees, health examination charges and any other should be borne by the applicant separately. ( The visa rates and duration of visa processing change periodically. Check for the latest update with DMS Migration Immigration Experts or on

As an applicant on your child’s behalf for Dependent Child Visa – Subclass 445, you should get written consent from all those concerned persons who have or can claim rights over your child’s stay.  The Australian immigration department approves child visas, especially dependent child visa only after thorough understanding and confirmation of genuineness of the case, to avoid illegal child removal from his/her home country or as a marked parental alienation in case of separation and divorce.

If only the child’s best interests are preserved by allowing him/her to stay with the parent in Australia, the dependent child visa (445) will be approved.

As goes with all other visas, health requirement has to be met before visa processing. The result of the medical examination is valid for the next 12 months. The DIBP instructs for the health examination of all the immediate family members mentioned in the visa application form, irrespective of whether they are moving to Australia or not.

Meeting Character requirement guideline is mandatory for a child who is above 16 years of age. It is ideal to wait for the instructions from the DIBP, to get police verification done before visa application.

If the immigration department suggests the police verification, the child (over 16 years) and all the family members (over 16 years of age) mentioned in the application, should get police verification done. The verification has to be done from every such country where the child and the family members have lived for 12 months or more for the last ten years after them turning 16 years.

Even if other family members not migrating to Australia, they need to get the character verification done.

The child can remain in Australia with the parent until the DIBP decides on the parent’s permanent partner visa application. Until that time, the child can work, travel, study and live in Australia for the duration of the visa.

Australian government’s Medicare facility can be availed once the child applies for a permanent partner visa.

In case of more than one child, you need to apply for separate visa applications for dependent child visas.

Sponsorship of the child for dependent child visa ( subclass 445)

The sponsor who is sponsoring the parent for a permanent partner visa must sponsor the child too. The sponsor has the responsibility to support the child and his/her family member (or members) in Australia.

The sponsor has to support the child for the initial 2 years with accommodation and adequate financial support from the time they enter Australia if the child has applied for the 445 visa outside Australia. If the child avails 445 dependent child visa by applying within Australia, the sponsor must support the child from the date of issuance of the visa.

As a sponsor, one also has the responsibility to help the child learn the English language by enrolling them in English classes.


The dependent child visa (subclass 445) is essential for the parents who, deliver or adopt the baby after they get a temporary partner visa or who forgot to mention the child in their visa application or any other case. It is crucial to get your child a valid visa to enter and stay with you in Australia.

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