Applicants usually have a number of queries at the EOI and the Visa Application stages while applying for the Global Talent Visa. A few of the common FAQs on applying for Global Talent Visas queries are given below for your guidance. You can also check FAQs for the 2021-22 Migration Program.


What were the changes made to the GT visa on 14th November 2020?

On this day, the Department passed legislation that removed the offshore Subclass 124 visa, and some major amendments were made to the onshore Global Talent Subclass 858 visa application. These changes allow for Subclass 858 visa applicants:

  • to be either inside or outside Australia
  • who is in Australia to be either the holder of a substantive visa, or a Bridging Visa A, B, or C
  • have access to a health waiver

These changes affected applicants who:

  • held Bridging visas and were pending a decision on a further substantive visa (e.g. individuals applying for further Student visas, Graduate visas, and/or Partner visas). Previously invitations to individuals were not issued by the Department on Bridging visas
  • were onshore but had family members offshore, who were unable to apply for the onshore Distinguished Talent Subclass 858 visa. Such applicants had to either apply without their family members, or lodge offshore Subclass 124 visas to include their family members, and then travel offshore for visa grant
  • had health issues and could not access the waiver


What were the changes made to the EOI eligibility and the GTI program on 20th January 2021?

From 20th January 2021, Bachelor and Master graduates will generally no longer be eligible for invitation to the applying for GTI program solely on the basis of these qualifications. This replaces older guidelines that considered applicants who:

  • recently became Bachelors or Masters graduates, and who had completed their studies in the last 3 years
  • had obtained a Weighted Average Mark (WAM) of 80% or more
  • had a course directly related to the relevant target sector


These individuals were also expected to have the ability to attract the Fair Work High Income Threshold requirements. The new changes apply regardless of the date the EOI was submitted. Recent Bachelors and Masters graduates may still apply, but they must also demonstrate international recognition outside of their academic achievements in order to receive an invitation. Candidates who have received an Invitation reference identifier before 20th January 2021 will still be eligible to lodge an application for a Distinguished Talent (subclass 858) visa with priority processing.


What were the changes to the Global Talent visa on 27th February 2021?

The Distinguished Talent visa was renamed the Global Talent visa on this day.  The Subclass and criteria remained the same.


After submitting my EOI, do I receive an acknowledgment?

Upon submission of your EOI, an acknowledgment message will be displayed. You will however not receive an email in confirmation of this. The Department will then contact you to either request further information/documents, or to issue you a unique identifier.


What is the time period for a response to my EOI?

It varies from case to case. The Department does not publish processing times.


Do I get an intimation if my EOI is unsuccessful?

The Department advises all EOI applicants whether they were successful or not.


What if I do not meet one of the 10 targeted sectors?

The GTI program is meant specifically to target people in those sectors. If you clearly do not meet these sectors, then this program should not be applied for.


Do I have a good chance to be invited if I am a Ph.D. graduate?

It is seen that the Department has a strong preference for Ph.D. graduates who:

  • are undertaking research that is highly novel and which can be commercialized, or
  • have demonstrated employability (i.e. securing a post-doctoral position and/or a job in the industry).

The chances of your successful application as a Ph.D. graduate lies in the quality of your research. If you have secured employment, it is strong evidence that your research is considered valuable, as either further funding is flowing in to support that research, or your research is being put into practical use by a commercial business.


How do I know if I could succeed in obtaining this visa?

Being a distinguished talent is a subjective assessment. You would need to consider whether you have had significant academic or professional achievements that are above the ordinary. Feel free to reach out to us at the email below, if you think you may be such a candidate, but are unsure as to whether you might qualify.


How do I look out for a Nominator?

The answer to this question would depend on your capabilities. A Nominator could be your employer, an industry or academic colleague, or even an organization. The Australian Computer Society (ACS) nominates individuals with a technology background who are looking out for a Nominator. You would first need to obtain your unique identifier from DHA and then send an email to ACS, who will then guide you on the next steps (they charge a fee of AUD 500 presently).


Would you help in finding a Nominator for me?

If we are engaged to assist with the EOI or Global Talent visa, we could provide recommendations based on an individual’s profile. However, we do not assure finding a Nominator for you.

What are the requirements from the Nominator?

The criteria to be a Nominator is set out above. The Nominator will be required to provide the Form 1000 to you, and also some evidence to demonstrate that he/she is a prominent entity in the same field as you.


If I receive a unique identifier, does this guarantee the visa grant of my Distinguished Talent visa?

No, it does not guarantee that. You still need to meet all the criteria for the grant of the actual applying for Global Talent Visas, including health and character clearances.


What is the processing time for visas applying for Global Talent Visas?

Processing times are not published as of now. From our experience, most applications are finalized in 2-3 months (which is now slowly increasing), largely depending on how complete your application is (e.g. incomplete documents could lengthen the period considerably).


What do I do if I have received a unique identifier, but my eligible family members are outside Australia?

See our answer to the first question above.


Can I apply for the Global Talent visa if I am in Australia holding a Bridging visa and pending an outcome on a further substantive visa?

See our answer to the first question above.


Will the Global Talent Independent program be extended by the Government?

The Department has allotted 15,000 visas for the program year 2021-22, which is the same as the allotment for the prior year 2020-21. The program is in high demand, so eligible applicants are advised to apply at the earliest.

If you would like further guidance, feel free to contact the author on email at