If you are reading this post, you are definitely looking for a job in Australia. But isn’t it nice if you make a planned shifting with a job offer in your hand? With a job offer in hand before moving to Australia can also increase your chances of securing permanent residency in the country. It’s true that searching for a job in Australia while living in India is not an easy task. However, with a few wise moves, you can grab it successfully.

So, if you want to win this half battle and earn a job offer before stepping into Australia, read some expert tips below.

1. Increase Your Visibility 

The first vital step to earn an offer in any reputed Australian company is by improving your chances of finding jobs. The easiest and effective way to do is by increasing your visibility. 

You can do this by creating a strong online presence. You must appear as a suitable candidate for job portals, which announce openings from Australian companies. In addition to this, you must create a strong online presence on social networking portals like LinkedIn.

If you don’t know how to go about it, contact trusted immigration experts.

2. Focus on Your Preferred Location

Your location is an important thing, which the hiring managers take first into consideration. This is noticed even before they check your permanent resident visa. Usually, companies prefer hiring job seekers who have already mentioned an Australian State for migration.

This makes them believe that you have strong, definitive plans and are all prepared to move to Australia. Additionally, it is worth mentioning the time and date of your availability.

3. Create a Professional CV Highlighting Your Accomplishments

In order to make yourself stand above your competitors, you must create a highly professional CV. Your CV must be updated and well-polished. 

Most importantly, draft your CV exactly as per Australian standards. Your CV is the only window available to showcase your personality to Australian recruiters and organizations. Hence, it must present your accomplishments in an impressive manner and let potential employers know the credibility of job occupation for which you are applying.

4. Focus Exclusively on Optimizing LinkedIn Profile

Linkedin plays a vital role during your job search in Australia. Australian employers always prefer potential employees who mention referrals on their LinkedIn profile. Referrals are important to make a good, lasting impression on recruiters.

You can send emails to existing and old managers and co-workers and ask them to write up referrals for your LinkedIn post. With many referrals updated on your LinkedIn profile, you can begin searching for a suitable job in Australia.

5. Learn About the Top Australian Websites Offering Job Opportunities

Just like India, there are specialized Australian websites that announce the latest job opportunities on their portal. You can check such job portals to find and apply to jobs in Australia.

Some of the top websites to look for job opportunities in Australia are:

  • seek.com.au
  • au.indeed.com.au
  • adzuma.com.au
  • careerone.com.au

6. Outline a Proper Job Search Strategy

It is of utmost importance to outline a proper job search strategy that helps you apply you with reputed jobs at a recruiting agency or with a company. Make sure you don’t apply for multiple jobs with the same recruiter or company.

Sometimes, over applying for job opportunities can kill your possibilities of getting a job with your preferred company. It is because this may make the recruiters feel, you are not sincere about applying for the job.

Hence, follow a well-planned job search strategy to increase your chances of being hired and land up to your dream job in Australia.

A lot of people wish to seek employment in Australia. But not all of them are successful. The main reason behind their loss is lack of focus and not having a proper job search strategy. If you too are in a similar situation, it is best to follow the above-mentioned tips or take expert assistance. In addition to this, you must have complete knowledge about the various visas in Australia. 

To get the best support and assistance from the experts, contact the most trusted and reputed immigration consultants, Debika Migration Services. We can provide you all the support and information required to earn a job offer in Australia and conveniently settle in the country.