Expert Aid With Your Business Visa In Australia

Australia, as one of the world’s more developed markets, provides ample opportunity for business expansion. The Business Visa in Australia is ideal for companies looking to expand their business footprint and explore new opportunities. With our extensive experience in Australian immigration, DMS-Migration is your best bet for creating a visa application that will have the best chance of success.


  • Stable growth of the 2.5% economy on average each year.
  • Huge potential in a variety of industries.
  • The friendly business environment with a large growth range
  • Availability of skilled and talented workers
  • Well established towns with advanced markets


Are you planning a business trip to Australia? The Australian Business Visa is a temporary Subclass 600 visa designed to assist organizations and associations with business interests in Australia. It’s an online visa application that takes about 3-4 weeks to process.


Australian Visa for Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional):

This visa allows you to own and run a business in Australia, as well as engage in business or investment activity.

The following are the basic requirements for this visa category:

  • Submission of a Skill Select Expression of Interest
  • Austrade or a state or territory government agency can nominate you.
  • Request for application

There are seven types of provisional visas:

Business Innovation Stream: You can use this provisional visa to start or expand a business in Australia. An Australian State or Territory government agency or Austrade must designate you.

Investor stream: You must invest at least AUD 2.5 million in an Australian state or territory and keep your company and investment activities in Australia to qualify for this stream.

Significant investor stream: This visa is open for individuals willing to invest in Australian investment for at least AUD 5 million. They must be nominated by a government agency in an Australian state or territory, as well as Austrade.

Business innovation extension stream: This stream allows holders of the Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) visa to stay in Australia for an additional two years.

Significant Investor Extension Stream: This visa permits Significant Investor visa holders to extend their stay in Australia for up to four years.

Premium Investor Stream: This visa needs an Austrade nomination and a minimum investment of AUD 15 million in Australian businesses or philanthropy.

Entrepreneur stream: This visa allows you to engage in business activities in Australia.

All of these visa subcategories have a four-year and three-month validity period.

With considerable experience in Australian immigration, DMS-Migration can assist you in putting together a comprehensive business visa application package that has the best chance of success.

Documents Required for a Business Visa In Australia

The following are the prerequisites for applying for a business visa in Australia:

  • Original passport has at least 6 months validity and at least 3 blank pages, as well as any previous passports;
  • A notarized copy of all pages of the only current passport, including the biodata page, the modifications page, and the back page;
  • Application for a visa to Australia;
  • 2 colour images were taken recently (Photo Specification);
  • Letter of personal cover (For employees – paper/For self-employed – Letterhead Company);
  • Original, recent bank statement (within the previous six months);
  • Income tax returns over the previous three years / Form 16;
  • Financial Documents to Support Your Case, such as Fixed Deposits, Property Investments, and Other Investments (Optional);
  • Medical and x-ray examinations may be required of you.

Please keep in mind that the government is quite stringent on photograph requirements; please make sure that your photos meet the requirements.