As a South Asian non-native English speaker, most people face speaking accent problems. So people are confused about choosing an English proficiency test. Let’s select the best option for you between PTE and IELTS. 

Which is the Easier English Proficiency Test for me? Is it IELTS or PTE?



IELTS, the International English Language Testing System, is the most commonly used English proficiency exam administered by the UK Department for Education and Skills that has become a popular exam around the world in recent years.

It is a standardized English language test designed to assess the language proficiency of non-native speakers in their home countries. 

IELTS consists of 4 components.

Listening, Reading, Speaking, and Writing. 

Listening: Listening has 40 questions and is given approximately 30 minutes, with an extra 10 minutes as transfer time. 

Reading: Reading has 40 questions that should be answered within 60 minutes. 

Writing: Writing has two tasks to complete within 60 minutes. 

Speaking: Speaking lastly has 3 parts, with 11–14 minutes for answers. 

You can get more details on the Cambridge Official Website.


PTE refers to the Pearson Test of English, a computer-based English Proficiency test Exam. The exam candidate should apply and register online first and then sit for the exam in a secure, authorized test center-friendly environment. To get PTE center information, you can visit the Pearson PTE official website


PTE is computer Based Marked

PTE tests the four skills in English as IELTS. Speaking, writing, reading, and listening are tested here.

What is the difference between PTE and IELTS?

Computer-Based VS Paper-Based Exam:

The main difference between PTE and IELTS is that IELTS is a paper-based exam, but PTE is a Computer Based Exam.

Machine vs. Human:

PTE scores are marked by a machine, but IELTS is a face-to-face marked exam. 

IELTS offers Both:

PTE offers Academic English Proficiency, but IELTS provides both general and academic tests. 

IELTS and PTE fees:

IELTS costs AUD$395 and PTE cost AUD $375, but if you book late, you have to pay AUD$395. 

Integrated and Separated Test: 

Sometimes there are some integrated questions in PTE, like reading and writing, in the writing parts. Skills are evaluated integratively. But IELTS has separated questions and assessed a candidate’s skills individually.  

IELTS has no individual question time, but PTE has a fixed time to answer individual questions. 

PTE is a fully automated computer-scored test, but IELTS is a semi-automated computer scored. In IELTS, the listening and reading are marked automatically. But speaking and writing are marked by humans. 

Which is better for an Indian, Bangladeshi? Is it IELTS or PTE?


Non-English Speaker faces accent problems.

I think which is better varies from person to person. Some of us are comfortable typing on a computer, and some are comfortable writing on paper. 

Besides, many feel better speaking into a mic or speaking with a person. 

To get a better score, the individual should answer these questions to himself/herself first, without human interference. If someone needs a four-hour exam, PTE is better for him/her. As an Indian or Bangladeshi non-native English speaker, most of us face speaking accent problems.

If anyone has an accent problem, IELTS is preferable because an actual human will understand the accent better than a machine.

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