Australia offers a wonderful range of visa opportunities that suit a variety of your travel and residence purposes in one of the most sought-after dream destinations in the world. Among those visa options, Australia also offers visas for individuals who are involved in business and investment activities in Australia.

The Investor Visas available stand out as the best possible travel and residence opportunities in Australia and in this article, we will be discussing in detail about the Investor Visa Subclass 891. 

This visa allows the applicant to stay in Australia indefinitely while being involved in business and investment activities.

What is Investor Visa Subclass 891?

The Investor Visa Subclass 891 is an investment and business maneuver-related visa offered in Australia to individuals who are involved in such projects or activities. This visa enables the holder to live in Australia indefinitely and continue with their business and investment activities in the country. 

This also opens the door for the applicant to apply for Australian citizenship soon after meeting the required criteria.

What are the Requirements of Investor Visa Subclass 891?

As this visa offers all the facilities to continue with business and investment maneuvers in Australia. First, the applicant must meet the following eligibility criteria to apply for the Investor 

Visa Subclass 891. The eligibility criteria are as follows:

  • The applicant must hold a Subclass 162 Investor (Provisional) Visa while applying
  • The applicant should have held a designated investment of 1.5 million AUD for 4 years
  • The applicant should have at least stayed in Australia for 2 of the 4 years while holding the designated investment in Australia
  • The applicant should provide all supporting documents to back the data submitted with legitimate evidence papers

Facilities of Investor Visa Subclass 891

There is a wide range of facilities provided with the Investor Visa Subclass 891. With this visa, the holders can live, work and study in Australia permanently. Please note as this is a permanent visa, the visa holders can enjoy living in Australia indefinitely. Moreover, they can also enroll in the Australian Public healthcare scheme. 

As this visa has a travel validity of 5 years, holders of the Investor Visa subclass can travel to and from Australia as many times they want during these 5 years. It also opens the opportunity to sponsor other relatives who live overseas to come and live in Australia. 

And most importantly, the day the visa is granted, the holder becomes a permanent resident of Australia and this opens up the doors for the application for Australian citizenship.


Investor Visa Subclass 891 Cost

The original cost of Investor Visa Subclass 891 is AUD 2,495 for the single applicant. However, it is important to notice that there will be additional and separate charges for other family members if included. There are also other costs for biometrics, police certification and health checks. 

Investor Visa Subclass 891 Processing Time

Now the processing time for Investment Visas in Australia usually varies from applicant to applicant. The subclass 891 Investor Visa does not have a specific processing time and the best possible way to ensure the quickest processing period is to compile the most accurate and efficient application

DMS Immigration is always ready to help you prepare a precise and efficient application for Australian Investor Visas. We hold qualified expertise in the field and will be glad to guide you through the entire process. Contact us for further enquiries.