Australia is undoubtedly one of the best living destinations in the world with modern and vibrant lifestyle standards. Needless to say, Australian education system is one of the highly regarded academic systems in the world and is a dream destination for international students.

Now here comes the question, Is Education Free in Australia? The answer is Yes. Public education in Australia is funded by the Australian government but if you are an international student, do not be disappointed as there are numerous scholarship opportunities that can help you study in Australia for free.

Australian Public primary schools and secondary schools are mainly funded by the government as education is compulsory in Australia for everyone under 16. On the other hand, there are also many private schools in Australia which require parents to pay tuition fees but public education is surely free.

Scholarships in Australia

Now moving on to Higher Studies for international students. Australia is home to a huge population of international students currently majoring in a divergent range of prestigious universities in Australia. This is made easy by the numerous scholarships available in many universities often merit-based ones. These scholarships can cover a portion of your tuition fees depending on your meritorious academic results or even cover the entirety of your tuition fees along with your travel and boarding cost as well.

The point here is to choose the correct combinations of scholarships to serve your purpose so that they can make it easier for you to study in Australia. While pursuing your desired degree make sure that you properly check for all available scholarships that you may qualify for and apply immediately. These scholarships are usually merit based so it is truly important to have the best grades while you apply.

Also, your application can be a vital factor in case of landing your desired scholarships as it must be unique and stand apart from others. This is because there is quite a lot of competition when it comes to fully funded scholarships in Australia and you need to compile a precise and up to the mark application for your preferred scholarship.

Free Education In Australian Universities

If you want to study in Australian Universities for free, there are quite a few renowned universities that allow you the opportunity through their scholarships. For example, the University of Sydney which is ranked among the top 20 universities in the world offers scholarships that allow tuition fee coverage amounting up to 40,000 AUD and also covering living cost. These scholarships are highly competitive and therefore, you should have the best grades to acquire them.

There are also other scholarships for international students such as the Macquarie Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarships that cover a large portion of your tuition fees and all international students are eligible to apply for this. This however, does not cover accommodation cost but is still one pf the best scholarship opportunities for international students

Then there is the Swinburne International Excellence Scholarships that covers up to 75% of your tuition fees but the rest can also be covered with monthly stipends. All of the above scholarships make studying in Australia much easier for international students and is surely worth a shot.

So, is Education Free in Australia? By now you should have the answer. Studying in Australia is surely a dream come true. Want to study in Australia with scholarships? Contact DMS Immigration as we can provide you valuable insight into the best scholarships to choose from as well as help you compile the perfect visa applications. Until next time, Don’t Stop Dreaming!