Macquarie University is one of Australia’s best universities and is well regarded as one of the most prestigious universities in the world. As one of Australia’s top public research universities, Macquarie offers world-class education with a tradition for exploration and innovation. 


Ranked among the top 1% of the universities in the world, The University is well known for its leading performances in the field of groundbreaking research endeavours and quality education.


One of the leading Universities in Australia


It was founded in 1964 as an initiative by the New South Wales Government and is located in the suburbs of Macquarie Park based in Sydney, Australia. 


Being the third university to be established in Sydney, Macquarie is one of the leading universities in Australia with an intensive research-based study system. It is well known for producing graduates who are among the top sought after professionals in different fields. 


With one of the best learning environments in the world, the students of Macquarie University have the opportunity to pursue their study programs supported by world-class study materials in the best research facilities.


A Research-Intensive University


The University is well known for shaping its study programs with an innovative approach that revolves around research. Bringing together 40,000 students from around 120 countries in the high-tech corridor of North-West Sydney with its surrounding industries, Macquire University’s location played an important part in the development of the university as a research-based one.


The University of Macquarie has invested over AU$1 billion in the infrastructure and research facilities to provide students with the best possible learning environments that are completely up-to-date with the latest modern technologies. Macquire aims at groundbreaking research initiatives that play vital roles in divergent fields.


Study Programs : 


The University offers a wide range of undergraduate, post-graduate and doctorate degrees under its five main faculties. Students can choose from the wide range of study programs offered under each faculty to pursue their preferred degrees in their desired field of interest.

Each faculty at the Macquarie University offers many study programs and the named faculties are: 


* Arts and Sciences (31 programs)

* Business (45 programs)

* Education (59 programs)

* Engineering (26 programs)

* Information Technologies (10 programs)


With the variety of study programs to choose from under each faculty, students have the opportunity to decide which of the courses would suit them best as Macquarie bridges the gap between secondary school and university programs.


Scholarships : 


Macquarie University offers some of the best and most generous scholarships and grants for international students. These scholarships encourage international students to pursue their higher studies at Macquarie with ease. 


Also participating in the Australian Award scholarship, Macquarie welcomes students from the program once they meet the university requirements. With various long-term scholarships and many scholarship programs to choose from, international students can study at Macquarie University under one or more such programs. 


These scholarships and grants are awarded based on academic excellence and extra-curricular activities that display their commitment to their field of interest.


An Edge in Professional Careers


Macquarie University has around 300 leading industries and companies located around the campus, which gives its students and graduates an amazing opportunity to easily tread onto the professional industrial field. Macquarie and its industrial connections offer its graduates an edge in their professional careers. 


Moreover, the study programs at Macquarie University are modelled with insight into real-world learning and focus on the development of professional skills and experiences which employers look for. Graduates of Macquarie University participate in programs such as Participation and Community Engagement (PACE) and also the Global Leadership Program, which helps the students to develop leadership and practical professional skills in work.


As one of the leading universities in Australia, Macquarie University is among the most sought-after study destinations for international students. With its wide range of study programs offered under each faculty and generous scholarship options, Macquarie University is one of the best research-focused universities in the world. Want to pursue your higher studies at Macquarie? We can help you out. Contact us for any queries, we will get back to you soon.