Are you a hi-tech professional interested to go to Australia? Do you want to use your expertise and skills to move and stay in Australia? If yes, then you ought to know about the new visa announced by Australian visa professionals for hi-tech professionals.

Global Talent Scheme! Yes, this is the new visa announced by Australian Visa Authorities. The new visa has been announced to offer a pathway for overseas extremely talented and highly paid professionals into the Australian business.

This new visa has been commenced from 1 July 2018. With the announcement of this visa, there has been a new pathway opened for technologically skilled professionals who are seeking out an easy way out to move to Australia from across the world. The visa tends to combat the limitations and shortcomings of previous restrictive visas, 482 Temporary Skills Shortage visa or the TSS visa.

What is the Global Talent Scheme?

Inviting talented and skilled professionals from worldwide is not a new thing for Australia. The Global Talent Scheme is exactly not a visa but a scheme announced for a limited time period.

Under the Global Talent Scheme, the companies in Australia are offered with the opportunity to import skilled professionals from different parts of the world. The companies can invite skills that are completely unrecognized by the government.

In the modern world, new technological changes are always taking place. Additionally, people are developing exceptional skills on a regular basis. Skills that cover social media, integrating Artificial intelligence into daily lives and decision-making applications, newly sourced data analysts, and more. Every day new skills are developed on an almost daily basis. Just a couple of years ago, some skills even did not exist and in a few years’ time, there are new additions on a regular basis.

By announcing this new visa, the Government accepts the active pool of international competition for such skills. Allow people with such skills into Australia would not only help local business but would also transfer the skills to Australian experts, hence, offering them an edge over others.

How Does the Global Talent Scheme Works?

The admissions to the Global Talent Scheme would be two streams. Also, some variances do apply.

The Global Talent Scheme includes two streams – Established Business Stream and Start-up Stream.

Under the Established Business Stream, the first preference would be awarded to publicly listed organizations as well as to those with two consecutive turnovers each surpassing $4 million. Within this stream, the person applying must have a minimum salary of $180,000 per year.

The second stream is the Start-Up Stream that aims to target newly-established organizations in various fields. The prominent fields included under this category are engineering, science, mathematics, agricultural, medical, technology, and more. In this category, the minimum annual earnings fall into the class with those under Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold that is at present $53,900 per annum.

The applicants are required to be nominated by a successful and well-established business. The process would even include some initial settings for consultation such as:

  • Businesses are required to demonstrate that it has offered first preference to the Australian workers.
  • There will be labour market testing performed for each specific position.
  • Both the Established Business Stream and Start-up Stream must meet the criteria. Failing to do so would result in the rejection of applications.
  • The business person must be a reputed corporate citizen with no breaches of immigration law or workplace.

Besides this, the applicants are also required to meet some important criteria, including:

  • Character, security, and health requirements.
  • Adequate English language skills.
  • No familial or personal relationships with the shareholders or directors.
  • The qualifications must be in line with the highly skilled roles.
  • The applicant must hold a minimum of 3 years work experience in a directly related position.
  • The position must have at least minimum yearly earnings of $180,000. The part of it can also be equity.

Is there Any Possibility to Avail Permanent Residency?

The present answer to this question is ‘yes.’ Definitely, it is possible that after 3 years the scheme would offer permanent residency to the visa holders. However, the immigration law is quite complex and the basis for any future transition is best laid as an outset.

The Eventual Outcome

The rapidly changing and dynamic world of technology in numerous ways reflects the ever-evolving arena of immigration. Hence, it does pay dividends to avail skilled practitioners and professional assistance in specialized fields. At the same time, it is an excellent way to save so much money and time.

Hence, if you fall into the category of having a specialized skill or feel perfect to be a participant of the Global Talent Scheme, then you just contact the migration experts specializing in Australian immigration matters.