Accomplishing a PhD after MBA is a highly-esteemed beneficial qualification that can help you broaden your career opportunities and also intensify the depth of your expertise. Considering to get a PhD after completing your MBA is indeed an insightful decision and if you are looking ahead to pursue your preferred doctorate degree after MBA, we have brought you all that you will need to know.

Can I Do PhD After MBA

For those who are wondering Can I do a PhD after MBA, the answer is Yes. There are a variety of specifications for the doctorate degree available, depending on your choice of career goals after you attain a Masters of Business Administrations. The MBA qualification is an important factor on your way to starting your PhD in the preferred department or subject.

How To Do PhD After MBA

After completing your MBA from a certified university with a duration of two years, you can attain a PhD once you decide on your field of research and interest. Aspirants usually have to sit for certain entrance examinations in the universities including UGG, NET, CAT etc.

There are certain prerequisites that can vary from university to university. Almost all universities require you to have completed your MBA or any similar postgraduate degree in a discipline related to that of your preferred discipline of PhD. Most universities will require you to submit the following documentation along with your MBA qualification.

The scores of English Proficiency tests (e.g., TOEFL, IELTS etc.)


GMAT scores

Academic transcripts

CV or Resume

PhD Subjects After MBA

There is a wide variety of disciplines to pursue once you complete your MBA. Here are some of the most popular and highly esteemed subjects for PhD after attaining an MBA.

PhD in Accounting: Here the research work revolves around solving problems and issues related to accounting while using economics, statistical inference and decision theory.

PhD in Finance: The research and problem solving usually is focused with the Asset Pricing and Portfolio Management, International Finance and Corporate Finance related studies.

PhD in Business Economics: The research focus may vary from Behavioral Economics, Urban Economics, Risk Management, Organizations and Markets, Development Economics, Corporate Governance etc. This field of study combines business with economic analysis.

PhD in Marketing: This specialization deals with management challenges faced by business organizations. The area of research usually revolves around economics, behavioural decision making, statistics, management science etc.

PhD in Operations, Information and Technology: The area of research can vary from the management of systems, networks, manufacturing, product design to decision-making, operations management etc.


PhD in Management: The research work basically deals with various leadership and management challenges in business organizations and the corporate field.

There are many other PhD disciplines available that will suit your field of interest after completing the MBA.

Which PhD is Best After MBA

Which PhD is best after MBA is actually dependent on the preferred field of the career path that you are aiming to tread on. In order to intensify your business understanding and help you enhance your skillset in your preferred field of interest, you can choose from any of the following PhD specializations according to your future plans.


PhD in Accounting

PhD in Finance

PhD in Marketing

PhD in Commerce

PhD in Business Economics

PhD in Operations

PhD in Human Resource Management

PhD Course Duration After MBA

The PhD course duration after MBA usually depends on the field of study, search methodology, technique and processing of the chosen university and so on. Pursuing PhD also has different durations in different countries and institutions. On average the PhD course takes about 4 to 5 years to complete although this time period is dependent on certain variables.

Benefits of PhD after MBA

There are vast benefits as it solidifies your position and depth of business understanding to help you fit in the highest required qualifications. The doctorate degree is highly esteemed itself and numerous world-class organizations offer prestigious positions to holders of a certain degree. The career options will broaden with your credentials and the number of fields will be open for your professional career.

All in all, achieving a PhD after your MBA is a highly esteemed and insightful accomplishment. If you are considering pursuing a doctorate degree after completing your MBA, it is indeed a glorified and beneficial choice to make. Go ahead and ace your dreams, and let us know if you have any queries in the comments.