Australia is not just a home of sea, sand, and sun. The country has more to offer. With top-notch research centres and internationally acclaimed universities, the country is an excellent hub for doctoral and research programs. The best thing is that a PhD student visa would give you a direct access to Permanent Residency in Australia.

We, therefore, encourage PhD student visa, and if you want to know everything about this then read this post till the end.

PhD Student Visa Options in Australia

When applying for a PhD student visa in Australia then you have more to select than great food, hiking, and surfing. You need to confirm that you complete your doctorate at an excellent university, offering you a chance to conduct worldwide research and earn a respectable degree.

Australia boasts of having such universities that are famous to carry out pioneering work in antibiotic therapy, ecology, and renewable energy. So, no matter which subject you intend to study, Australia is the place that can make a big difference.

Reasons to Apply for PhD Student Visa in Australia

One major benefit of applying for a PhD student visa is that it gives you a direct access to the Permanent Residency in Australia. Besides this, the other reasons to apply for a PhD student visa are:

  • Internationally famous research – Australia is the home to some top-notch universities offering a research or doctoral program to students. It holds six institutions that are among the top 100 institutes in the world.
  • Amazing PhD opportunities – There are some exclusive and unique PhD courses that can be completed only in Australia. Marine Biology at Ayers Rock is one such example.
  • Generous Student Visa – Australia values PhD graduates who apply for a doctoral or research program in the country. With PhD student visa you would be able to live as well as work in the country for at least 4 years.
  • No viva – You can obtain the Australia PhD student visa without getting assessed through the traditional PhD viva process.

Australian Universities for PhD student visa program

There are 43 different universities in Australia that are publically funded institutions, accredited and supported by the Australian Government. These institutions are responsible to carry the training and research programs for PhD students. Hence, if you enrol in any such institution then you don’t have to worry about the funding.

There are other institutions in Australia offering Technical and Further Education. These institutions focus on professional and practical training. They offer postgraduate qualification at the Masters level.

Just like other countries, the Australian higher education includes different university associations and mission groups. These are the Group of Eight, Innovative Research Universities, Australian Technology Network, and Regional Universities Network.

Applying for PhD Student Visa in Australia

  1. The very first step is to contact a prospective supervisor. Usually, universities do not consider applications from international students who do not follow this step. The supervisor can be the lead researcher for a research group or project you intend to join. He can also be an academic with research interests similar to your research topic.
  2. Once you find a potential supervisor, you can contact them via email. You need to offer a concise and clear description of the interest and project. If you experience any problem then you can contact us to get the necessary help.
  3. After this, you need to fill the formal application form to the university. We offer all help required to fill the application form correctly so that your application is not rejected.

Admission Requirements for a PhD Course in Australia

To get admission to a PhD course in Australia, you need to have Bachelors or Masters Degrees in the respective subject. Universities may not admit you if you don’t have the desired qualification. While individual universities have their own requirements, but you can expect for the common following documents:

  • Evidence of previous qualifications
  • A research proposal if you want to do PhD in your favourite subject
  • A personal statement needed for applications to advertise opportunities and projects
  • Relevant Professional and academic references

Application deadlines

There is no specific start point of PhD course in the academic years. This implies that there is no strict deadline for processing the application. Universities accept applications throughout the years. However, there can be exceptions when you are applying for funding, like a scholarship. Such a support is available for a specific time period.

Student Visas

The immigration system of Australia for students has been simplified. At present, there is only one form of student visa offered, which is Student Visa (subclass 500). You can use this visa to study Bachelors, Masters, and PhD visa in Australia.

The other types of visa that is Australia’s Higher Education Sector Visa subclass 573 and Postgraduate Research Sector Visa subclass 574 are no longer available.

You are deemed eligible for the visa to study in Australia if you are:

  • Studying full – time, as Australia does not suggest visas to international students on a part-time basis.
  • Obtain enrolment confirmation at the university. You need to have been accepted to study a PhD in Australia before you apply for this visa.
  • Have sufficient financial resources to support the PhD program. As per Australian Government, the students must have at least AUD $20,290 per year.

What After Australian PhD visa?

The Australian PhD student visa is your route to long-term residency and employment in Australia, provided you can a job related to your expertise and skills.

To help you with this we offer services related to filing and obtaining a PhD student visa. Hence, if you wish to avail PR in Australia and want to enjoy living and working there, then the PhD student visa is one of the best choices.

Contact us for all necessary support to get approved your Australian PhD Student Visa right now!