The migration process for Australia is highly complicated. It is layered with numerous hazards that can result in failure or rejection of your visa application, even though you are eligible for the visa.

The mistake can be as simple as forgetting to mention something or can be as big as applying for an incorrect visa. But, if you have made the final decision to immigrate to Australia and to overcome all the challenges then there are few vital things that you need to consider. One such vital thing is having clarity about MARA. Knowing it is as important as having a better understanding of any other term.

What is the Meaning of MARA?

With its full form as Migration Agents Registration Authority, this is an office of Department of Immigration and Border Protection. The more common name of this office is the Office of Migration Agents Registration Authority or OMARA.

The key function of MARA is to regulate the Australian Migration bodies and agents offering services related to Australian Immigration in other countries across the world. Other than this, the other major functions of MARA are:

  • To clearly delineate the rights of individuals needing Australian Visa.
  • To let registered migration agents understand the obligations of the region.
  • To make sure that only suitable individuals are registered as agents and that inappropriate person are not permitted for registration or re-registration.
  • To ensure that agents maintain proper knowledge and skills required to offer accurate and timely advice to the clients.
  • To regularly monitor the agents so that integrity of quality and conduct are maintained to the fullest.
  • To confirm that clients of registered or previously registered agents are offered a way to complain and handle the issues properly.

In order to make sure that MARA is able to perform all its functions and policies to the fullest, they have an extensive framework to address all concerns about real issues and potential conflicts.

What is the Importance of MARA?

It is essential that you understand all rules and regulations related to MARA properly. It is important because MARA is the only body that ensures that the registered Migration agents are performing their responsibilities in an optimal way.

Every migration agent needs to sign up to MARA registrar in order to keep functioning as the body. It is because such bodies are responsible to agree to let such agents keep working out following the Code of Conduct.

What is MARA’s Code of Conduct?

The MARA’s code of conduct is for approved migration agents. It is set out in legislation to ensure that the registered migration agents follow the code of conduct.

The code of conduct explains all obligations they present to their clients. This is essential to ensure that every client experiences fair practice. This code of conduct is offered to migration agents as per the Section 314 of Migration Act 1958.

Important Migration Obligations under the Official MARA Code of Conduct

Under the MARA approved code of conduct, migration agents host an array of obligations covering:

  • Their interactions and communication with the client
  • Charges and fees related to recording keeping as well as proper practice financial management
  • Properly maintain all responsibilities towards the migration agents
  • To maintain their entire responsibilities for their employees
  • Fulfil all requirements and respond timely if a complaint is made against the MARA
  • Another important obligation is to precisely display the Code in the office and client in waiting area. It is essential that they must also offer clients with a specific copy of it to ensure that there is no risk involved.

So, you see MARA is an important regulatory body for immigration to Australia. While your migration agent will ensure that it abides by all rules and obligations of MARA, it is your responsibility too that you do check for all such instructions so that there is no scope left for your visa rejection.

To know more about the important rules and regulations related to MARA, you can even visit their website