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In today’s episode, Amitava and Arun are joined by Irene Ramsey – PMO at DMS -, and our guest Subhavana Arora.

Amitava discusses how professionals from overseas with experience in providing essential mainstream and community services to individuals, families, groups, or communities can qualify for a Permanent Residency or a Pathway to PR.

Our guest –

Subhavana Arora, is a Human Resources and Payroll Manager at HHCC (a NDIS Service Provider in NSW), who is responsible for assessing and hiring staff for the entire organization with Disability Support staff forming about 80% of the assessment and intake.

We talk to her about what a NDIS service provider does, how one can start working as a support worker, and she weighs in on what the life of a Disability and Aged Care worker is like.

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