Ep 15. Visa Conditions – Regional Visa, Student Visa, Parent Visa, Working Holiday Visa

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Visa Condition 8579, 8515, 8105, 8104, 8203, 8204, 8532, 8580, 8531, 8103, 8503, Regional Visa, Student Visa, Working Holiday Visa, Parent Visa, Visitor Visa

Episode Summary:

Every visa, except a PR, comes with certain conditions when granted. Some conditions always apply, and some may apply depending on a range of criteria. These Australia visa conditions apply not only to the primary applicant, but also to all the secondary applicants as well. A breach of any of the conditions that are imposed on an applicant’s visa may result in the visa being revoked. One must be cognizant of what these conditions are and where one can find more information about the conditions tied to their visa.

Amitava walks you through some of the most common conditions that he has seen being attached to Regional visa (subclass 491), Student Visa (subclass 485), Parent visa (subclass 870), Visitor visa(subclass 600), and Working Holiday visa (subclass 417). He puts great emphasis on certain aspects of conditions tied to a student visa that is very easily misconstrued by them. A breach of these conditions led to one of his clients receiving a notice from the DHA that requested an explanation for her actions, failing which her visa would be revoked.

Many migrants who are keen to move their parents permanently to Australia should have a listen to Parent visa chapter of this episode. There, Amitava goes into detail about hurdles one many face to extend their stay, if visa conditions are not adhered to.

Podcast Chapters:

• (00:00) What are Visa Conditions?
• (02:44) Regional Visa Conditions
• (09:39) VEVO
• (10:51) Student Visa Conditions
• (16:55) Working Holiday Visa Conditions
• (19:48) Parent Visa Conditions
• (22:06) Visitor Visa Conditions
• (23:12) PR for Parents

Additional Resources:

VEVO (Visa Entitlement Verification Online)
Visa conditions
Condition list

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