Ep 16. Trans-Tasman Migration – Why So Many Kiwis Are Moving to Oz

Show Notes

Subclass 444, Special Category Visa, Australian PR, Australian Citizenship, New Zealand Citizen

Episode Summary:

In this episode, we have a conversation about the great Kiwi exodus. Amitava reveals why so many New Zealanders are flocking to Oz. Many young professionals in the critical sector and health care industry from Wellington, Christchurch, or Auckland are keen to make the move from NZ. They find that wages in Australia are higher, the cost of living is lower than in NZ and the real estate market is more suitable to many who are first home buyers.

Amitava explains why his clients from NZ came to Oz and what is it about their neighbours that has cemented their decision of crossing the Tasman Sea. Not so long ago, the DHA announced changes to citizenship eligibility for some New Zealand citizens holding a special category visa subclass 444. From 1 July 2023 New Zealand citizens who have been living in Australia for four years or more will be eligible to apply directly for Australian citizenship. They will no longer need to first apply for and be granted a permanent visa. Amitava goes into a fair amount of detail on this topic and how this has become a game changer for many Kiwis.

We wrap up this episode with Amitava’s final thoughts on the society Australia is creating and planning to build for the future to make it a very attractive destination for young professionals and families.

Podcast Chapters:

• (00:00) Why Kiwis Are Moving to Oz?
• (04:04) What’s Better – Cost of Living, Salary, Lifestyle?
• (04:56) Subclass 444 – Special Category Visa (SCV)
• (08:00) Bringing Parents to Oz From NZ
• (09:02) Can NZ PR Holders Live & Work in Oz Permanently?
• (10:25) Final Thoughts on AUS Society For the Future

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Changes to Citizenship Eligibility for NZ Citizens

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