Ep 17. Temporary Skills Shortage – Subclass 482 – Getting Your PR

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Subclass 482, TSS, Labour Agreement, Skilled Independent Visa, Australian PR

Episode Summary:

The Temporary Skill Shortage visa lets an employer sponsor a suitably skilled worker to fill a position they can’t find a suitably skilled Australian to fill. There are many pathways available to someone on a 482 visa for permanent residency.

Amitava begins the conversation by discussing how an employer in Australia can nominate an overseas worker for a TSS visa when they are unable to fill the position locally. He touches upon the eligibility requirements of an applicant to be granted the visa. When one enters Australia on a 482 visa, Amitava implores them to understand their work rights and study the labour market so that they are aware of the minimum salary threshold and other benefits they should be entitled to.

There are some employers who take advantage of skilled migrants and underpay them as they are under no obligation to be audited by the Australian Government.
The discussion then steers towards the key differences between short-term and medium-term streams for a 482 visa. There have been some major overhauls to the Australian Migration System. One of them being that currently, even short-term 482 visa holders are eligible for permanent residence. However, this comes with its own caveat. An applicant on a short-term stream visa can only apply for a PR if their employer agrees to nominate them. Some employers use this power imbalance to strongarm their employees from leaving, which has led to worker exploitation.

An employer’s refusal to sponsor a skilled migrant’s PR is not the end of the road. Amitava moves on to discuss the various pathways still available for someone to continue to live and work in Australia indefinitely. He talks about how his company, Debika Migration Services, can help migrant workers. There are many Skilled Migrant visas available and DMS can provide a free evaluation of their skills and advise them the right way forward.

The episode concludes with Amitava throwing light on the most common misconceptions applicants have about applying for a PR while they are on a 482 visa.

Podcast Chapters:

• (00:00) Sponsoring an Overseas Worker
• (05:48) Short-Term Stream, Medium-Term Stream
• (08:56) When Employer Refuses to Nominate Your PR
• (11:12) DMS Services For TSS Visa Holders

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