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A podcast about the Australian Immigration System

Moving To Australia

G’day everyone. Moving to Australia is a weekly podcast from Debika Migration Services where we discuss the Australian Immigration System and give you insights on the various pathways available to become an Australian permanent resident or citizen.  If you are a skilled worker, student, business owner, investor, researcher, or someone with skills that Australia values, then this podcast is for you.

Join our co-hosts Amitava Deb and Arun Belur who deep dive into the various visa categories – skilled migration visa, student visa, family visa, business or investor visa –  and showcase fun interviews with guests from various backgrounds who share valuable insights on how you can ply your trade down under and much more.  It’s available on Apple Podcast, Spotify, YouTube Podcasts, and Amazon music. You can connect with us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram using the links in the podcast description.

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Podcast Episodes

We offer insights into

Australian PR pathways Skilled Migration work opportunities study options skills assessment

In this episode Amitava sheds light on the truth about living and working in regional areas. He navigates the complex landscape of Designated Regional Areas defined by the Department of Home Affairs.
Amitava shares his insights on what applicants must do for getting their skills assessed before lodging an EOI. He discusses the course of action for applicants who have received an invitation to apply for a visa, but their skills assessment has expired.
In this episode Amitava talks in detail about OMARA's role in registering & overseeing migration agents who provide migration assistance, CPD of migration agents, managing providers of CPD, and how they handle complaints against migration agents from consumers who seek immigration assistance.
One of the objectives of the Migration Strategy is to streamline the temporary skilled migration. In this podcast Amitava touches upon why action is needed, what are the existing commitments, and the new reforms the government wants to bring in later this year.
In this episode, Amitava discusses: how the MATES program benefits Indian students with a degree in ICT, AI, FinTech, Renewable Energy, Mining, AgriTech.
In this podcast, Amitava clarifies under what circumstance can an applicant exercise this waiver.
In this episode, Amitava compares and contrasts key features about the Working & Holiday Visa (417) and Work & Holiday Visa (462).
In this episode, Amitava talks about the various streams available to an applicant who wishes to invest their money in Australia or has a business plan that they will commit to see through once invited by the government.
In this episode Amitava and Arun discuss the common mistakes applicants make when they have to pick their Skilled Occupation for a skills assessment.

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