Ep 21. Training Visa – A New Pathway for Recent Graduates?

Show Notes

Training Visa, Subclass 407, Temporary Graduate Visa, TSS, Subclass 482, Subclass 186, Subclass 491, Subclass 189, Student Visa Program, Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT)

Episode Summary:

The training program would allow someone to improve their skills for their job, area of tertiary study, or field or expertise. This can be an excellent alternative for individuals affected by the upcoming changes to student visa applications, particularly those who may no longer be able to apply for a student visa onshore.

The conservation focuses mainly on applicants who are currently in Australia and want to focus on improving skilThis week on the podcast, we shall be talking about the Subclass 407 Training visa, a temporary visa that allows individuals to take part in occupational training or professional development activities in Australia.ls for their current occupation. An applicant can be nominated for the training visa provided their occupation is on the list of eligible occupations for subclass 407.

From 1 July 2024, Temporary Graduate visa holders wishing to pursue a further degree in Australia must depart the country to be eligible to apply for a student visa. Amitava implores recent graduates to consider this is a suitable pathway to extend their stay in Australia, while also obtaining considerable professional skills and experience within their industry.

The discussion then steers towards the eligibility requirements for this visa. Amitava touches upon the 3 types of training programs available under this visa subclass. He chronicles each program and who it would suit. He goes on to share his insights on the pros of the training visa for both recent graduates and anyone who is visiting the country but want to continue to pursue their academic or professional goals while onshore.

If your visitor visa is refused, you can make an appeal to the AAT and await the outcome. You can continue to stay and work, while a decision has been made against your appeal.

The key differences between subclass 482 and 407 are also outlined midway into the podcast.

Main Topics:

• (00:00) What is the Training Visa Subclass 407 and who is it designed for?
• (02:54) Is this a good alternative for recent graduates?
• (06:07) Eligibility requirements
• (07:28) Types of training program
• (08:39) Pros of Training visa
• (12:04) Key differences between 482 and 407
• (17:13) Professional Development
• (18:16) Final Thoughts

Additional Resources:

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Temp Skilled Migration Income Threshold (TSMIT) 
Student Visa Program Changes 2024
Subclass 482 visa

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