Ep 23. Aadil Abbas – Financial Advisor – Alumni UNSW Business School

Show Notes

UNSW Business School, MBA, Australian PR, Parent Visa, Own Financial Planning, Subclass 143

Episode Summary:

Aadil graduated with an MBA from UNSW Business School in 2004. In this episode he harkens back to 20 years of his life in Oz, firstly as a student and then as a professional financial advisor.

The conversation kicks off with him opening up about his desire to have an overseas qualification and independent living. There were challenges for a couple of years as a student at UNSW. With time, he had developed a strong connection to Australia while at Uni which led to his decision to make Australia his permanent home. He highlights the cultural differences he encountered early on and loved the laid-back lifestyle. The freedom and opportunities that Australia offered were unparalleled compared to Mumbai.

Aadil shares his journey to becoming an Australian citizen, highlighting the benefits and emphasizing the importance of following the country’s rules and processes. He also discusses the challenges of having family members move to a new country but noted that regular visits helped his parents appreciate the Australian way of life highlighting the importance of a pre-existing social network in facilitating their integration.

Amitava weighs in on the waiting times for the parent visa back then and the newly introduced contributory parent visa, advising those considering this option to plan ahead due to high demand. Lastly, Amitava hinted at upcoming changes to make it easier for parents to join their children.

Amitava and Aadil discuss the challenges and strategies of building social connections as first-generation migrants, with Aadil suggesting volunteering and joining meetup groups as effective ways to meet like-minded people. Aadil also shares his personal interests and talk about his financial planning firm – Own Financial Planning – based in Sydney, which focuses on ‘goals-based financial planning’ to help individuals use their money to achieve their desired lifestyle and goals. The discussion included topics such as cash flow advice, superannuation, tax planning, and investment strategies, with the primary aim of guiding clients in using their money to pursue their objectives.

The podcast wraps up with Aadil’s advice to people considering a move to Australia, emphasizing the importance of being prepared for the initial struggles, both financially and emotionally.

Main Topics:

• (00:00) Relocating to Australia
• (06:28) Life at UNSW
• (08:14) Deep connections with Oz
• (09:58) Internship, PR & Citizenship
• (17:41) Relocating parents
• (25:53) Assimilating with the community
• (31:58) Own Financial Planning
• (33:36) Personal Advice on making Australia home

Additional Resources:

Aadil Abbas – LinkedIn
Own Financial Planning
UNSW Sydney Business School
Contributory Parent visa

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