The Partner visa, also known as spouse visa or de facto visa, is one of the costliest visa application processes in Australia. With a high visa application price of around AUD7, 160, you want to get it approved right at the first time.

Since an expensive fee is associated with it, many couples tend to lodge the partner visa application themselves. They avoid appointing a migration agent. If you too are planning for something similar, then we would suggest you invest your time in researching about this visa and make sure you follow correct practices and does not end up making a mistake.

Being careless and making even a minor mistake can end up in the refusal of your partner visa application. Here we share with you 6 important factors to prevent a Partner visa refusal right at the first attempt.


1. Insufficient Evidence


Unable to provide sufficient evidence for the partner visa application form is a major reason for partner visa refusal.

There are 4 different criteria you need to meet in order to seek approval for your partner visa application.

If you have not realized them, you need to cover these criteria in your relationship statement and support them with evidence to prove your claim.

How much is enough?

There are no specific numbers to how many evidences you have to provide. But at Debika Migration Services, we always suggest our clients to provide around 30-40 photos. We then compile them together and annotate them accordingly.

The reason behind this is simple. The case officer has to assess hundreds of applications every day. So, they probably would not want to see hundreds of photos if there is no evidence to support it.


2. The Form 888


The Form 888 is an important part of the partner visa application. It is extremely vital that the information mentioned in the form is consistent with the rest of your de facto visa application. You need to be sure of this, even if you have to check the two again and again.

Keep in consideration that Form 888s are written not by you or your partner, but by your family, friends, or colleagues who would witness your relationship. If there is any kind of inconsistency in the information mentioned then this can result in an issue.

Hence, make sure that the supporting witnesses answer all the questions correctly.


3. Understanding the Questions


It is not just about reading the question and understanding it, but understanding what the department is asking from you.

When you begin the application, you will soon realize that some of the questions are repeated and some of them are same but worded differently.

Consider an example where one of the questions on the form asks – ‘date committed de facto relationship’ and then there is another question that asks ‘date sponsor and applicant committed to share their life together to the exclusion of all other.’ If you think that both these questions mean the same, then you are right!

You need to mention the date where you and your partner consider yourselves to be in a de facto relationship that is when you officially started living together. It is important to mention the same dates throughout the application otherwise your application can get jeopardized.


4. Inconsistent Dates


Your partner visa application form will not only ask about the date when your committed relationship began but also about lots of other dates.

It is extremely vital that all the dates on your partner visa application are consistent with each other. Don’t offer any reason to the Department to question the integrity of your application.

The best way to avoid doing such a mistake is to create a timeline of your relationship and make your partner aware of it. This will be of great help when filling forms and writing the relationship statements.


5. Unable to Satisfy Character Requirement


Both you and your partner have to satisfy the character requirement to get a Partner visa.

If you and your partner are unsure about this, then we suggest requesting a police clearance certificate before you begin the application. If you have no criminal offences and a clear background, then great!

But if you are worried about certain records that might appear on your police clearance certificate then we suggest taking advice from a Registered Immigration Lawyer or Migration Agent. It is possible to waive certain character records, but this can be done only after having proper legal knowledge about the same.


6. Unable to Correspond to the Requests of the Department


This is of utmost importance.

Whenever the department contacts you requesting further documents, you will be provided a timeframe of how long you have to respond on the request.

Unable to respond to the requests of the Department, will most likely lead to partner visa refusal.

While you can always request for an extension, it must be done within the deadline. The processing time for partner visa can be from 13-26 months or shorter in some cases. During this time, you must check your immigration account as well as email on a daily basis, including spam and junk emails to ensure you don’t miss a thing.

How Debika Migration Services can help?

Debika Migration services can assist you through the entire Partner visa application process and help you to prepare all documents. Our experts ensure that your documents meet the necessary requirements before we lodge the application. We can represent you to the department right from start to the end until a decision is made.

You can book a consultation with us so that our migration experts can assess your eligibility and counsel you about your partner visa application in accordance with your relationship circumstances.