The Resident Return Visa Australia is an important visa option for permanent residents whose travel validity has expired while being away from the country. In such cases, the individual cannot return to Australia once their visa validity expires. That is where the Resident Return Visa comes in.

It is a really significant visa that allows individuals to return to Australia in case their travel visa expires during a period of stay outside the country. This visa comes in two subclasses and is suitable for permanent or ex-permanent residents of Australia.

What is Resident Return Visa?

The Resident Return Visas subclasses 155 and 157 allow permanent residents of Australia to travel back to the country if they were abroad while their travel validity expired. It is important to know about this visa in case your travel validity expires after you leave Australia or before you choose to return there. In such problematic circumstances where the individual cannot travel back to Australia, the Resident Return Visas can help you regain your travel validity and get back to Australia.

What are the Eligibility Criteria for Resident Return Visas

In order to be eligible for the Resident Return Visas subclass 155 and 157, you should be a permanent resident of Australia. However, in certain cases where the individual had previously been a permanent resident but is no longer a current resident, they can apply for the visa if they meet the following eligibility criteria.

* Applicant should be a permanent resident of Australia
* A former permanent resident of Australia still holding a permanent visa
* A former citizen who may have renounced or lost citizenship in Australia
The applicants should meet the general eligibility criteria to be able to apply for the Resident Return Visa along with the submission of supporting documents for the process.

Resident Return Visas Subclass 155 and 157 Cost

The cost of the Resident Return Visas Subclass is different for online applications and applications on paper. Applicants are expected to apply online where the visa costs AUD $410. If the applicant is permitted to apply on paper the visa charge is AUD $490.

Can You Include Family in the Resident Return Visas?

No, it is not possible to include family members under the Resident Return Visa subclass 155 and 157. But if other family members are also separately applying for the Resident Return Visa, you can have them processed together at the same time if you clearly mention it in the application form.

Resident Return Visa Processing Time

The processing time for the Resident Return Visa subclass 155 ranges from less than a day to up to 75 days. The subclass 157 visa processing time ranges from 3 months to 4 months generally.

However, the processing time and percentage of approval success depend on the quality of your application. DMS Immigration can help you compile the perfect application for the Resident Return Visa that will have the best chance of being accepted. For more queries, contact us. We will get back to you soon.