Why Choose South Australia?

South Australia offers a styled, family-friendly culture that allows you to achieve true work-life balance while also allowing you to accomplish more. South Australia is one of the world’s great boutique regions, thanks to its calm yet prosperous and inexpensive lifestyle, ease of travel, low population density, safety, and abundance of cultural and leisure activities.

Getting the proper visa

If you are considering relocating to South Australia, we recommend that you obtain advice on which visa is suitable for you.

The Visa Finder from the Department of Immigration and Border Security is a useful online tool for anyone looking into their choices.

If you are a skilled migrant seeking a state-sponsored visa, we recommend that you go to the Immigration DMS Migration website for further information.

Skilled migrants who meet the state nomination standards in South Australia will be able to submit for nomination directly starting at 8 a.m. on Tuesday, July 20, 2021.

Important: You must meet both the Department of Home Affairs criteria and the requirements of South Australia in order for your nomination to be approved.

The following will be the emphasis of our skilled migration program:

Program for Talent and Innovators

Creating opportunities and pathways for persons who can contribute to the key growth industrial sectors in South Australia. More information can be found here.

Currently working in South Australia (including permanent residence in SA)

You may be eligible for reductions to the skilled work experience requirements if you live and work in outer regional South Australia, or if you are a long-term resident living and working in SA.

International Graduate of South Australia

Unless your occupation specifies otherwise, International Graduates of South Australia SA graduates must have worked in their nominated or closely related occupation for the last 3 months in South Australia (post-course completion).

Offshore Interest Registration – Critical Skills

Offshore applicants can now apply for a specific trade and health occupations. If you meet the established standards for your occupation, you can submit a Registration of Interest application. In addition, South Australia offers a variety of programs for skilled migrants; for more on employer-sponsored paths, visit our website.