Do you have a partner or child and are studying in Australia? Student Spouse Visa Australia There’s no need to be concerned about leaving them behind; they can apply to accompany you to Australia as dependents on your student visa application. There are, of course, criteria that must be followed.

  • For the purposes of a student visa, a member of the family unit is:
    At least 18 years old
    the applicant’s spouse or de facto partner
    Dependent child under the age of 18 who is not married

Initial student visa application (500 visas)

Whether or not there is any plan for them to join the primary applicant in Australia at any point, all current family unit members must be reported on the first student 500 visa application. Student Spouse Visa Australia If the dependants do not comply, they will be ineligible for a subsequent visa as a dependent of the student visa holder. Failure to complete this crucial stage will raise questions about the application’s validity and will have a negative influence on the Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) criterion’s assessment.

If an applicant marries after filing a student visa application but before the visa is finalized, the applicant must notify the Department of Home Affairs (DOHA) as soon as possible. Although the partner will not be able to obtain a visa as a secondary applicant, their application as a subsequent entrant reliant on the main applicant’s student visa will be considerably aided.

The only exception is if a child is born after the student visa application has been submitted but before it is finalized. The department must be supplied with proof of the relationship. It’s possible that they are birth or marriage certificates.

The genuine applicant who intends to stay as a member of the family

Family members must meet the Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) criteria and demonstrate that they are applying to stay in Australia as a part of the primary applicant’s family unit.

GTE is required.
Intention to adhere to visa requirements
Has a strong track record of adhering to visa restrictions on prior visas.
Declared intent to follow the visa’s terms and requirements
Any additional pertinent issues

When evaluating the GTE criteria, the DOHA will take into account the following factors:
The situation in the applicant’s native country
Potential conditions in Australia for the applicant
The intentions of a parent, legal guardian, spouse, or de facto partner must be considered when the applicant is a minor, Any additional pertinent issues

Any other relevant matters refer to any information that the DOHA has access to, such as information contained in the application, previous applications, or information obtained from another source, that could influence the DOHA’s assessment of the applicant’s intentions for a temporary stay in Australia.

Family members have financial needs.

Secondary applicants, like main applicants, must meet a financial requirement: they must have adequate means to pay their living expenses in Australia for the period of their anticipated stay. Are you using a multi-application? You will need to show that you have the financial ability to support:

For the first 12 months, living expenses as stated by this legislative instrument or a pro-rata amount
For the first 12 months, student tuition costs (according to your Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) letter)
For the first 12 months or a pro-rata amount, school expenditures for all school-age dependents. This is usually estimated to be around AUD$8,000 per year.
The primary applicant’s and all family members’ travel (flight) expenses Student Spouse Visa Australia.

Keep hold. If the applicant has a sibling who is a student visa applicant or holder or has selected a student guardian to accompany them to Australia and you are not undertaking a combined application for your family, their demonstrated financial capabilities should coincide. Both candidates should provide proof of financial capability.

Applicants for subsequent entrant family members who are not on a joint application should submit the following information:

Evidence of a defined yearly income for the principal applicant’s spouse or de facto partner, or parents. Please refer to this piece of legislation. OR
Evidence of adequate means to pay travel expenses and the first 12 months’ living expenses, as well as tuition fees for oneself and each family member, including the expenditures of the visa holder (above)