A lot of times we receive inquiries related to how one can meet the Australian study requirements and whether the mentioned guidelines will satisfy their criteria for the Graduate or skilled migration visas.

In order to meet the Australian study requirements for the 485 Graduate Visa or to claim the needed points for General Skilled Migration, you need to meet some important requirements all of which is mentioned in this post.

Why Is It Important to Meet the Australia Study Requirements?

It is essential to meet the Australian study requirements if you want to gain eligibility for the Temporary Graduate visa subclass 485 or if you intend to claim points for the General Skilled Migration visa subclass 190 visa, 189 visa, and 489 visa.

If you are applying for the 485 Graduate visa then in addition to other requirements, you have to meet the Australian study requirements within six months immediately before you apply for the 485 visa.

Important Australia Study Requirements

You can meet the Australia study requirements only if your registered course of studies is equivalent to at least two academic years or 92 weeks of study. You can always take longer time to complete the qualification, but it must meet within 16 calendar months, which is the qualification or degree that must have taken a minimum of 16 months to complete.

For instance, if the duration of your registered course is 78 weeks and you take 92 weeks to complete it then you will be eligible to meet the Australia study requirements.

Note – It is fine to take occasional breaks in-between semesters, however the total registered duration for the course must be equivalent to at least 2 years or 92 weeks of study. One thing you need to note is that Australia study requirements is estimated by the amount of study you have finished, and not the time you have taken in order to complete the studies.

You can complete more or one degree, advanced diploma, diploma, or trade qualifications. But the same must be awarded by an education provider in Australia. Furthermore, your qualifications or degrees must be registered with the Commonwealth Register of Courses and Institutions for Overseas Students or CRICOS.

It is vital that your study course is registered with CRICOS as only then you will be eligible for the Graduate visa or if you wish to claim the points for General Skilled Migration. It is because this department follows CRICOS to determine the standard duration of course.

Additionally, you must also have the content and instructions conducted in the English language.

Note – If you have pursued an English language proficiency course then this will not be counted with all other qualifications to meet your Australian study requirements.

Meeting the Australia Study Requirement for Subclass 485 Graduate Visa

If you wish to apply for the subclass 485 graduate visa, no matter what your visa stream is, your course of study must be completed while you are holding a valid Student visa.

In addition to this, if you are applying for the Graduate Stream of your Graduate temporary visa subclass 485 and does not possess more than one qualification, your qualification must be closely related to the occupations, which you are nominating.

Exclusion of Failed Subjects in the Australia Study Requirement

If there are one or more failed subjects during the registered course of study, then the subject you had repeated will be not counted under the Australian study requirements.

Note – Just successful study courses will be counted in the Australian study requirements.

Exchanging Outside Australia or Transferring from a Global Education Provider

It is possible to get transferred from an overseas education provider or be a part of an exchange program offshore.  But for this, you have to meet the Australia study requirement and become eligible for the 485 graduate visa or to gain points for the General Skilled Migration visa.

Note – It is essential that your registered course is counted towards meeting the Australia study requirement. For this, you have to be physically present in the country studying the registered courses at an education provider in the country.

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