The Monash University in Australia is one of the most prestigious and reputed universities in the world. It is the largest university in Australia that offers degrees and qualifications that are highly esteemed all across the globe. 


Well known for its world-class research facilities and academic excellence, Monash is hailed as one of the most sought-after higher study destinations for international students.


The Largest University in Australia


As the largest University in Australia, Monash ranks among the top 100 universities of the world and is a revered member of the most prestigious Group of Eight. In less than 60 years of foundation, Monash has grown into the biggest university in Australia and a beacon of example in the continent and beyond. 


Currently, Monash University ranks at #58 according to the QS World University Rankings. Named after World War I General Sir John Monash and driven by his desire of fueling an optimistic purpose among the students, Monash University was founded in 1958 and stands among the most prominent universities in the world today. 


With a presence on four continents of the world, Monash stands tall among the most elite universities in Australia.


Monash In Australia and Beyond 


Monash University has four campuses in Australia with world-class research facilities and one of the best academic options. Monash also has a campus in Malaysia, a research and teaching centre in Italy, a graduate school in China and a graduate research school in Mumbai. 


Not only that, Monah extends its presence over four continents as its courses are also delivered in other parts of the world too including South Africa. Students can start their degrees in Monash and continue in any of their 100 partner institutions in different parts of the world if they wish to. As an exemplary and revered figure of quality education, Monash University is a prestigious name in Australia and beyond. 


Study Programs at Monash University


Monash University offers a wide variety of subjects to choose your preferred degrees based on your field of interest. Every faculty is well equipped in terms of world-class education and research facilities that come with the advantage of studying in Australia’s largest and one of the world’s top universities. 


The faculties in Monash each offer a wide range of subjects and degrees to choose from. The general faculties include:


* Art, Design and Architecture (11 programs)

* Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (14 programs)

* Business and Management (29 programs)

* Faculty of Education (6 programs)

* Faculty of Engineering (11 programs)


At Monash University, students can choose from around 140 double degree options, undergraduate bachelor, master and doctorate degrees according to their field of interest.


Scholarships at Monash University


In order to make studying at Monash University plausible for students from all across the world from divergent backgrounds, Monash offers over 200 scholarships and grants for their current and new students. These include merit-based grants and fellowships, while also offering scholarships for underprivileged students to make their education experience easier and affordable.


Many of these scholarships cover course fees, travel costs and also accommodation charges that help students comfortably continue their studies at Monash. Owing to its quality education, campus environment and various scholarship options, Monash University is an amazing higher study destination for international students.


Monash University: Partnership in Industry and Government


Monash partners with various industrial sectors to collaborate in the research and discovery of possible solutions to numerous challenges by forming links and collaborative teams that significantly contribute to the career development skills of their students as they face real-life challenges based on their field of study and work together to solve them.


Monash graduates implement their academic skillset in solving real-life problems and contributing to their field of work with one of the best qualifications in the world. As one of the best and most prestigious universities in Australia, Monash graduates are welcome with a wide number of career opportunities.


All in all, the Monash University of Australia opens doors to a million opportunities for students and studying at one of the most prestigious universities in the world is indeed a dream come true for many.


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