Besides being a multicultural dream destination, Australia is home to the best and renowned Universities of the world. From undergraduate to PhD, Australian Universities offer some of the most prestigious and sought-after degrees in the world of education. 

For those who are looking ahead to pursue their PhD overseas, Australia is just the perfect destination for you with a multicultural living experience and highest living standards.


Why Choose Australia for the PhD Degree

Australian Universities offer one of the best research facilities for students pursuing their PhD degree. With world-class laboratories and advanced research experiences of Australia’s top tier Universities, it is one of the best destinations for the wise minded. Australia holds one of the world’s highest PhD completion rates that makes it an ideal choice for students. Furthermore, Australia offers a number of scholarship options for international students that can really make your PhD experience easier and affordable.

Top Universities in Australia for PhD

With all the world-class and prestigious universities in Australia, we have picked out some of the best universities for attaining a PhD degree in terms of research facilities and width of study.


University of Melbourne

University of Melbourne is undoubtedly one of the best universities in Australia for PhD. The university inspires academic excellence, innovation, leadership, creativity and independence amid the students pursuing a PhD. In the QS Rankings 2022, the University of Melbourne stands at 37th globally and is considered the best in Australia. About 36% of the enrolled students hail from outside of Australia and is a great destination for international students.The programs available for PhD in the University of Melbourne are as follows-


Infection and Immunity

Mental Health


Biomedical Engineering

Computing and Information System

Mechanical engineering and Mechatronics Engineering

Chemical Engineering

University of Queensland

The University of Queensland is one of the top universities in Australia for completing your PhD degree. They offer one of the best integrated doctorate programs and help develop independent research skills among all their students. Students pursuing their PhD in the University of Queensland are imparted with the skills of locating significant problems, crucial thinking abilities and the mastery of proper methodological skills to help them find logical solutions to those problems. 

The University of Queensland is currently ranked 47th globally in the QS Ranking 2022 and is one of the most reputed universities in Australia. The programs available for a doctorate degree in the University of Queensland are-






Health And Behavioral Science 

Biomedical Science

Information Technology


Social Science


University of Sydney

The University of Sydney provides one of the world’s best research facilities and is ranked at 38 globally in the 2022 QS Rankings. They offer a diverse number of doctorate programs and is one of Australia’s most prestigious universities. The advanced laboratories and world-class research facilities in the University of Australia along with their quality of education makes it one of the most sought-after institutions among international students.The programs of study for the doctorate degree are divided into section as follows-


Arts and Social Science

Engineering and IT


There are a wide variety of sub facilities under each section which makes the University of Sydney a great choice for your doctorate degree.

Bond University 

Bond University is considered among the top four Universities in Australia that inspires innovation and research in a global context. The Bond University partners with many private and government agencies, industrial organizations and academic institutions to help their students learn and work in exposure to real-life situations. If you are looking for a rather different approach to your doctorate program in a private university in Australia, Bond University can be a good choice as well. 

The PhD programs available in the Bond University are as follows-


Health Sciences and Medicine


Society and Design

Monash University

The reputed Monash University of Australia undoubtedly ranks among the top and most prestigious universities in the world. The advanced research opportunities make Monash a very sought-after university among international students and completing a doctorate degree from the Monash University is a dream goal to many.

Home to the most competent and intellectual minds, Monash inspires critical thinking and independent research among all its students with integrity. Monash University is currently ranked at 58 globally in the QS Ranking 2022.

The programs for the doctorate degree comes under the faculties of-

Art, Design and Architecture

Business and Economics


Information Technology

Public Health and Preventive Medicine

Translation Research

Medicine, Nursing and Health

Post Study Visa Opportunities

After completing their PhD from your desired University, students are allowed to live and work in Australia for at least a period of 4 years. This can be a great opportunity for international students looking to work in different professional fields in Australia after completing their doctorate degree.

Australia is home to some of the most prestigious universities of the world. Pursuing a doctorate degree in Australia is a wonderful opportunity and it is up to you to choose the right university that will best satisfy your field of study. 

DMS migration can help you find the right university for completing your PhD in Australia and prepare for Visa processes accordingly. If you have any queries feel free to ask them in the comments section.