The six-monthly review of skilled occupations has come into effect from January 17th, 2018 as new skilled occupations list. The study was conducted in late 2017 by the Department of Jobs and Small Business through labour market analysis, advice from relevant government agencies, inputs from employer and employee groups.

The Australian government had ascertained in April 2017 that the cycle of occupations list would be reviewed every six months to ensure local resources have priority in the job market as well as the occupations must be responsive to the changing demands of Australian labour market.

As required, the changes in the occupations list reflect the changing labour needs of the Australian economy and ensure Australian businesses have adequate skilled resources. The skilled migration addresses the shortage of local skilled resources.

The changes apply to the applications lodged on or after 17th January 2018. The existing applications or nominations made before this date will not be affected. However, the changes will apply to the invitations issued on or after 17th January 2018 for points tested visas.

March 2018 will see a new Regional Occupations List to fulfil the regional skill shortage faced by local employers. The 457 visa will cease to continue and the new TSS (Temporary Skills Shortage) Visa will come into effect.

What does the new Skilled Occupations List (17th January 2018) hold?

Here’s a quick look at the changes

Check here for the revised list of eligible skilled occupations  January 2018

Addition of New Occupations

The list contains some new jobs which were previously unavailable in both MLTSSL (Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills List) and STSOL (Short Term Skilled Occupation List). The occupations are added in STSOL, and some of them have caveats applicable to them.

1.       Psychotherapist ANZSCO Code 272314

2.       Property Manager ANZSCO Code 612112 (Caveats Applicable)

3.       Real Estate Representative ANZSCO Code 612115 (Caveats Applicable)

Existing Occupations Moved Between MLTSSL and STSOL

1.       Horse Breeder ANZSCO Code 121316 (Caveats Applicable)

2.       Management Consultant ANZSCO Code 224711 (Caveats Applicable)

These above occupations are moved to MLTSSL from STSOL. None of the existing occupations from MLTSSL is moved to STSOL.

Removed Occupations

1.       Building Associate ANZSCO Code 312112

2.       Hair or Beauty Salon Manager ANZSCO Code 142114

These occupations are removed from the revised list with effect from 17th January 2018.

Caveat-Only Changes in the Existing Occupations

1.       Management Accountant ANZSCO Code 221112 (New caveat)

2.       Supply and Distribution Manager ANZSCO Code ​133611 (Modified caveat)

3.       Recruitment Consultant ANZSCO Code 223112 (Modified caveat)

4.       Taxation Accountant ANZSCO Code 221113 (Modified caveat)

5.       Accommodation and Hospitality Managers ANZSCO Code 141999 (New caveat)

6.       Massage Therapist ANZSCO Code 411611 (Modified caveat)

The above occupations will remain in the occupations list, but the caveats have undergone changes and are valid from 17th January 2018.

The occupations list will undergo periodic changes to accommodate current trends and demands in the Australian labour market.

Get in touch with our migration consultants to understand how the above occupation changes and several new and amended caveats will impact their occupation and visa application.