We wish to advise that making misleading statements or providing false documents in a Visa application is an offence under Australian Immigration law. If caught, applications can be refused and Visas cancelled. Additionally, the persons involved can be barred by law from being granted an Australian Visa for 1 to 3 years, and in some cases even permanently.

Even those who assist in or facilitate the fraud, e.g. Agents, Education Providers, etc can be subjected to a thorough investigation. Their particulars could be reported to Law Enforcement Agencies, and can also lead to arrests and pressing of charges.

We therefore strongly recommend that applicants only obtain information and assistance regarding Visa applications from either the Visa Office or from MARA-registered Migration Agents.

When applying for an Australian Visa, applicants should be aware of the following facts:

  1. If you are involved with Migration fraud in any way, your application to travel to Australia could be severely affected.
  2. Ensure that all documentation that you provide with your application is genuine.
  3. DO NOT fall for people who tell you that a Visa can be “arranged” for a sum of money.
  4. There are lots of scams over the Internet and in Newspapers by businesses claiming to be “Migration Agents”, offering employment, study, etc in Australia. When dealing with such people, first ensure that you personally verify the employment or study offer.
  5. You should also ensure that the business or agency you are dealing with has an authentic MARA-registered number, which should again be verified by you on the mara.gov.au website, before you make any payment or sign any agreement with them.
  6. Ensure that you obtain an official receipt for any money that you pay for a Visa or Visa-related service.

If the above advice is not heeded, please note that you alone will be responsible for any loss related to such scams which you may undergo.

(For Indian applicants) – If you have any doubt, you can contact the Visa Office by emailing integrity.newdelhi@dfat.gov.au