Among the many opportunities, the Washington Accord is an important part of the IEA or the International Engineering Alliance. This includes educational accords for professional engineering technologists, professional engineers and engineering technicians that come with two professional engineering and one engineering technologist competency agreements.

Generally, the Washington Accord is a multi-lateral signed agreement between agencies that give accreditation to undergraduate-level professional engineering qualifications.
In this article, we will be discussing the Washington Accord benefits and how they can help you in your engineering career and pursuits.

Benefits of the Washington Accords

* The Washington Accords to provide and build mutual recognition for certified engineering degree programs given by the agencies.

* The Accord also helps to establish specific standards for professional engineering qualification and education across their member agencies.

* The signatory members of the Washington Accord grant the graduates of mutual accredited engineering programs the same privileges, recognition and rights.

* These provisions help in the desired mobility of graduates between the member countries of the accord and open new doors of opportunities for the graduates.

* As graduates can travel between member countries, they can pursue their post-graduate higher studies in those signatory countries.

* The signatory countries recognise under-graduate engineering programs from India, which is considered a great opportunity for pursuing employment and higher studies overseas.

* The engineering graduates have the opportunity to travel to those signatory countries for better employment in their engineering fields.

* Most importantly, the Washington Accord facilities the recognition and mobility of educational qualifications in the global industry.

These are the top Washington Accord benefits that will open new doors of opportunities for engineering graduates to study and work in the signatory countries. The many provisions of the accord create an amazing doorway for the recognition and portability of engineering qualifications globally.

So, if you are an engineering undergraduate student, the Washington Accords can be the right opportunity to grab in order to make your dreams come true.