Have the application of your Australian Partner Visa has been refused? This must be heart-breaking. On top of it, your entire efforts to gather evidence, research, filling forms, long waiting hours in the queue and even a huge cost must have been wasted. And the worst thing is the refusal you have!

If you have lodged an application in Australia, then you can file an appeal in the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. This might help you get the decision overturned but at the same time, you might want to factor the additional cost of the appeal. Furthermore, if you are able to turn the appeal in your favour then you will also get 50% of total expenditure back. But most probably, you need to wait again in long queues, as there is no other process otherwise!

Though you might win the appeal but are you sure that you want to go through the entire process all over again? Surely not! That’s why it is critical to get an approval for your Australian Partner Visa right from the first time you’ve applied.

With an expertise in Australian partner Visa applications for more than 10 years, we have processed numerous partner visa applications. A lot of times the applicants make some mistakes and probably this could be one of the reasons people hired us. Based on our experience, we would like to mention about the various reasons that could result in rejection of your Australia Partner Visa.

Do check them before processing your application so that you don’t end up in a rejection!

  1. Inconsistent Dates

The offshore or onshore Australian partner visa application must include three different documents:

  • Form 80 – It is the character assessment of visa applicant.
  • Form 40SP – It is about application form for the sponsor of the visa applicant
  • Form 47SP – It is the application form for the visa applicant

These forms include similar questions about your address, travel history, and relationship with a partner.

When your application is presented to the case officer, make sure that all sections about Relationship details, Travel history, and Address match in every form. If the information in any or all forms is conflicted then this can create a problem and would be a major reason for rejection of your application. Considering the couple in a committed relationship, it is expected that both the parties would share same details and information about the same question.

Even small mistakes can raise flags about the genuineness of your relationship.

  1. Evidence Conflicting Your Cohabitation Status

We always suggest to our customers to keep providing evidence while the application is in process. This would be the best way to confirm the case officer that your relationship is ongoing and genuine.

However, the processing time for Australian Partner visa application is quite lengthy. In such a situation, there is a possibility that your residential address might change.

So, how would you offer cohabitation evidence in such a situation?

If the details about your address change then both the applicants as well as the sponsor must update the same address immediately. This would prove that their relationship is ongoing. If anyone of the people fails to update their residential details, then the case officer might assume that the relationship has broken down. Hence, even in this case, a minor fault can result in application rejection.

Most importantly, don’t give your case officer any possibility or reason to doubt the status of your committed relationship.

  1. Form 888 – Another Piece of Puzzle

This is another form that can tricky and a home to most of the errors. This application is used by the sponsor as well as an applicant to offer supporting evidence from family members, neighbours, friends, and relatives.

If you are dependent on information from an individual who comes from a background different from English then you need to be clear about the sponsor and application. It is because in such situation the possibilities of a mistake are endless.

Hence, besides checking the documents filled by you, do give a thorough check to documents completed by others. Might be there is a conflicting information, which needs to be rectified. Do cross check all the references and information provided by them to complete the Form 888. This would ensure your application is approved under all circumstances.

For example, if one application says that you and your partner met at work, while sponsor says you guys met at a tour, then this can be a problem.

  • Incomplete or Insufficient Evidence

The important thing is not what you know, but what you can prove through evidence. So when you prepare evidence for your relationship, you must ensure that the completeness and relevance of evidence are maintained.

For all the evidence you include in your Australia Partner Visa application, we suggest you identify your application for following questions:

Is the evidence relevant to your application?

Does it prove your relationship with your partner?

Does the evidence matches with information and other evidence provided with your application?

If the answer to all these questions is positive then they are good enough to be linked to your application. If not, then you must avoid attaching them to your application.

Most people consider adding as much information as possible a way to get an approval for the visa. However, the case officer experts are looking for relevancy and authenticity of the information.

  1. Confirming Legality of Certain Documents

A lot of individuals fail to forget that the process of Australia Visa application is a legal process that deals with the Immigration department. Hence, it is vital to maintaining the legality of certain documents.

Some important certificates or documents that must be supported with original documents and must be notarized are:

  • Birth Certificates
  • ID Documents
  • Marriage Certificates

When certifying these and other similar documents, make sure that presents clear information about the name, signature, and qualification of the notary.

  1. Check the Terminology

Over the years, there has been a drastic change in the culture of Department of Immigration. They would seek all possible measures and attempts to refuse a visa to your application. One simple reason can be using loose terminology.

When you present the history of your relationship make sure you are extremely careful about the terms you use. You must remember that you are trying to prove the genuineness of your committed relationship. Hence, must avoid writing statements that can generate a negative impact.

Do include words that define serious relationships.


The finest practice to ensure you achieve a positive outcome is to be absolutely pedantic about your application. Do examine every document and piece of information closely. Also, it is wise to cross-check information in your witness statements, personal statements, and included forms. When your documents are free from conflicting information then this would increase your possibilities to get an approval for your Australia Partner Visa Application form.

It is wise to take appropriate preventive measures rather than being sorry afterwards. If still, you have any queries then contact us. Our experts would provide you with all possible to support to get an approval for your application.